Innovative TV Mounts to Save Space and Add Style


TV mounts have come a long way from basic fixed wall brackets. Today’s mounts offer clever space-saving and decorative solutions to enhance your viewing experience. Some of these innovative designs are very difficult for a layman to install on their own and you would need a professional TV mounting service. Here are some of the most innovative TV mount designs:

Articulating Arms

Articulating mounts extend the TV out from the wall and allow motion along multiple axes. Full-motion mounts with articulating arms let you pull the TV out, swivel it side to side, tilt up and down, and collapse it flat. This provides optimal viewing angles while preserving space.

Low-Profile Mounts

Low-profile, ultra-slim mounts hug the wall and can be just fractions of an inch thick. Reducing distance from the wall maximizes space savings. Low-profile mounts are perfect for discrete mounting above eye level or for a streamlined, floating effect.

Pivot Mounts

Pivot mounts allow TV rotation between landscape and portrait modes. This allows custom positioning based on content. Portrait mode works well for mobile device streaming. Pivoting mounts are great for narrow spaces or areas with high ceilings.

Mantel Mounts

A mantel mount drops down from over a fireplace for TV viewing and retracts up when not in use. This saves space while protecting the TV from fireplace heat. Mantel mounts reduce high mounting viewing angle issues.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts hang TVs from above on an extension arm. They are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms for out-of-the-way mounting. Ceiling options maximize floor and wall space usage in a room.

Motorized Mounts

Motorized mounts provide remote or voice-activated unfolding of the TV from concealment inside cabinets, mirrors, and media consoles. This allows complete TV hiding when not watching. Automated mounts facilitate easy TV positioning.


From minimalist low-profile mounts to motorized systems, today’s TV mounts use innovative designs to save space. Customized placement options, folding mechanisms, and motorization also enhance room aesthetics. Sleek, hidden, or retractable mounts complement modern decors and lifestyles.

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