Is New Metro City-Gujar Khan an Ideal Society for Living?


The organization owning the New Metro City of Gujar Khan project is BSM Developers, a reputable and well-known name in Pakistan’s real estate sector. The New Metro City of Gujar Khan is a brand-new housing complex founded by the grandson of Malik Riaz.

It will also be a state-of-the-art housing estate with first-rate amenities. 

This new construction will feature the most modern conveniences, roomy roads, and a location conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the main goal of the developers is to draw in domestic investors and foreign clientele by offering first-rate amenities.


The Tehsil Municipal’s Administration is currently reviewing and approving this society’s NOC.

However, the management has already submitted the necessary documentation and requested approval from the relevant authorities.

The developers will be successfully awarded because they complied with all NOC requirements. As soon as the TMA completes the required verification, this society will probably be approved. In order to legalize the housing society for investments, the NOC defines the full area of property purchase the proprietors claim.

Best Location

Buyers will examine and invest in the new Metro City in Gujar Khan because of its advantageous location. On G.T. Road which connects the metropolis to Rawalpindi, Isb, as well as other significant cities, is where the society is situated. There will be access to adjacent educational facilities, medical facilities, and other services.

Comfortable Price Plan

The New Metro City in Gujar Khan’s developers have unveiled a two-year Payment Plan that is incredibly practical and reasonable for all socioeconomic strata. The installment Payment Plan is very affordable for purchasers.

Standard Features

It is a gated housing development and one of the residential properties that offers you all the required modern comforts and amenities in addition to safety. The society also offers all necessary utilities, a spa, a gym, parks, and a center for education. Therefore, this neighborhood is a great option for people seeking to reside in a respectable housing neighborhood of Gujar Khan City.

Financial Benefit

It would eventually be to your advantage if the purchasers can invest in commercial and residential regions. Land can be rented out or sold for a profit, giving investors two ways to generate revenue. Such arrangements will be very profitable investments.

Amazing Project Plan

The concept proposal for the urbanely built New Metro City includes modern infrastructure. Additionally, it has a fantastic area of land of over 16,000 Kanals land. The project for this housing complex was made by a group of experts, including structural engineers and seasoned designers.

Infrastructure development is being given a lot of thought in order to make the Gujar Khan housing society in New Metro City modern and distinctive from other societies. A variety of land sizes will be available at New Metro City in Gujar Khan city to satisfy various investor needs.

In this community, there would be both business and residential structures. The business area will satisfy all of the residents’ needs, obviating the requirement for them to travel into the city. In this civilization, developers provide a range of land sizes at reasonable prices.

Final Reflections

Investments made in this area will undoubtedly enhance the financial situation. Additionally, this will be a great place to invest since once development begins, values will soar. Soon, reservations will be available. Buyers should prepare to purchase in New Metro City of Gujar Khan as quickly as the transactions have been made public.

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