Is The KN95 Mask the Best to Protect Against Omicron Variant?


The omicron variant continues to create havoc for most people. With so little information regarding this variant, everyone is in a panic mode about how to remain safe. Vaccines that include omicron components are now being issued as a way of protection. However, these alone are insufficient and need reinforcing protection from wearing the appropriate mask. The question is, can the KN95 mask keep you safe? 

For starters, the discovery of the omicron variant led researchers to conclude that not all masks are equal. The highly transmittable virus led doctors to advise that you rethink the type of mask you wear in public. 

Cloth masks cannot get the job done

Wearing a cloth mask is better than not having any mask on. However, that does not mean it can deliver the desired level of protection. Cloth masks are the most ineffective in the fight against COVID-19. They are nothing more than just wishful thinking. 

The CDC strongly recommends that you use respirators such as KN95 and N95. These include filtration features that keep you safe. Furthermore, they are designed to tightly fit the face and keep you comfortable when wearing. 

A point worth noting is that CDC creates a distinct naming for masks and respirators. The term masks are used by the body to refer to cloth and surgical masks. On the other hand, respirators specifically allude to KN95 and N95. However, for ease of understanding, most people use the two terms interchangeably. 

The KN95 mask provides effective protection against omicron 

You can get the most effective protection from omicron by wearing a KN95 mask. Some of the features that make KN95 great at this task include the following:

  • 95% filtering – Tests show that the KN95 respirator can filter up to 95% of the particles found in the air. Its pores are small enough to keep off the smallest airborne particles. It can filter anything of size 0.3 microns or larger. 
  • Great ventilation – Breathability is an important part of the KN95 mask design. The mask has a high breathability rating of 50% plus. That means you get enough air when you wear the mask. Therefore, you will not feel as though you are suffocating, which may cause you to panic and remove it.
  • Soft texture – The soft texture makes the respirator feel good on the face. Comfortable wear is a salient motivation to keep the mask on throughout.
  • Adjustable nose clip – The adjustable nose clip gives a firm hold around the nose and mouth. That seals potential gaping through which air would have gotten to you without being filtered. 

Reusing the KN95 mask

High-risk individuals and those working in high-risk environments are strongly encouraged not to reuse the KN95 mask. However, if circumstances warrant that you have to reuse, ensure that you do so less than five times. That’s because the mask loses its protection efficiency with each use. 

More importantly, you must pay attention to how you reuse the mask. For instance, do not disinfect it by keeping it in a dry oven. Rather, keep it in a separate paper bag and leave it idle for five days before the next use.

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