Mobile App Development in Healthcare Industry


According to the grandviewresearch, the global market size of healthcare mobile app development was USD 17.92 billion in 2019. The estimate says it will grow with a CAGR of 45.0% between 2020 and 2027. It’s a big proof that the healthcare industry is adapting to the digital age.


As a result, the possibilities of mobile app development in this sector like any other application development are endless.


A hospital, a clinic, or even individual doctors can use it to enhance their visibility and keep in touch with their patients. Thus, the interest of a mobile app development company in India is increasing in healthcare app development.


Surprising Facts on Mobile App Development in Healthcare



Types of Mobile Apps in the Healthcare Industry


Mobile apps built for the healthcare industry can be of many types including the following:


  • Telemedicine Apps
  • Patient Health Tracker
  • Diagnosis Apps for Prevention
  • Emergency Care Apps
  • Mental Health Apps
  • Dieting Apps
  • Monitoring Apps


Things to Know Before Building A Healthcare Mobile App Development


In the healthcare industry, the primary aim of a mobile app is to serve as a tool for caregivers to manage and monitor a patient’s health routine.


Healthcare apps usually have more interactive elements, more information, and better customer experience than traditional websites.


But, taking the first step to building a healthcare mobile app development from scratch is always tough. You have to keep these things in mind prior to coding the app:


Understand Your Audience


Healthcare apps are made to ease the life of doctors and patients. However, a iOS app development company in Bangalore can’t build a successful app without analyzing the pain points first. They need to get a clear picture of the target audience and their problems.


Suppose you are building an app for a doctor. In such a case, you have to see whether the solution is already available in the market or not. If it’s there, what you can do to innovate and make it better? Eventually, your app needs to solve the issue of your targeted audience then only it will get value in the market. 


Define the Purpose


After knowing the target audience, you have to define the purpose of building the application. This will help you in determining what kind of healthcare app is required to build.


Choose the Features


Note down all the significant features which should be there in your application. There are a vast variety of features you can add such as sign-up, geolocation, onboarding, real-time interaction, and much more.


Hire a Mobile App Development Company in India


Because your target audience is India based, it would be a good decision to hire a mobile app development company in India only. They have a better understanding of the target audience and their issues. In addition, they can provide a full-fledged end product by taking into account all your needs.


Optimize the Design


No matter how good the app design looks, it’s essential to optimize it. Ensure that it’s straightforward and intuitive so that no one faces any problem in getting familiar with your app.


Test and Deploy


Check if your app is security compliant or not. And never compromise the security of your app as it can create a wrong impression on your business. Moreover, try to keep the app free of bugs which can only happen after testing. If everything seems good, you can deploy the app to your desired platform.


Track Performance


Building a mobile healthcare app is not enough. One must also track how it is performing. If the users are finding bugs or the app is working slowly, you have to remove these issues as soon as possible.


How mobile apps are transforming the healthcare industry?


Today, several Android app development company in India are changing the current scenario of the healthcare industry. They are revolutionizing the industry in many different ways, especially by building world-class apps. Whether used for patient care or as a means for doctors and healthcare providers to collaborate more effectively, mobile healthcare apps have a tremendous amount of untapped potential.


As the healthcare system continues to grow and change, healthcare app developers will play an increasingly important role in the development of new and innovative products that will continue t drive positive change in this ever-expanding industry.


Remote Monitoring


Before the advent of healthcare mobile apps, it was impossible to perform remote monitoring of patients. But now, doctors can keep track of their patient’s health records remotely. Thanks to the wearable technologies like Fitbit and smartwatches for making this possible.


Quick Consultation


No more a patient or his family has to wait for a doctor’s appointment. A number of telemedicine apps have evolved that reduce the need for physical visits. You just have to sign up, book an instant appointment, and get the instant consultation.


Easily Accessible


Many times, it becomes difficult to provide emergency care without a doctor’s supervision. But with the existence of a mobile healthcare app, a patient’s family can immediately connect with a doctor and get the necessary information. If things get worst, the doctor can keep his team prepared to handle the patient. This will benefit mostly the rural areas where hospital services are at distant locations.


Final Thoughts


The Healthcare industry is getting improved with the technological advancements and introduction of new apps. Every app development company in India is now working to build world-class solutions. Consequently, the present day healthcare market has seen the evolution of numerous mobile apps. The research indicates that app-based solutions have become essential due to their amazing benefits on efficiency and collaboration.



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