Most Common Errors in QuickBooks Desktop Installation and How to Fix Them

QuickBooks Desktop Installation


QuickBooks is the best accounting software available. It was designed for small, medium and large businesses. However, it can sometimes fail to function correctly and produce errors called QuickBooks Error Codes (XXXX). These errors can be caused by many things that QuickBooks cannot fix in real time.

We will be discussing several steps to fix various errors in the QuickBooks desktop installation.

What are the Common Errors in QuickBooks?

There are many ways to fix common QuickBooks errors. These issues can be encountered on both Windows and Mac. These errors can cause many problems and stop QB files opening on Windows systems or Mac systems. These errors can be fixed by restarting your computer once.

Here are some of the most common mistakes:

  • Error 1402, 1603, 1722. 1903, 1935. 1903, 1903 and 1935.
  • Framework errors in Microsoft.NET
  • Correlations with damaged MSXML or C++
  • When opening QuickBooks Desktop, you get the message “QuickBooks has stopped working”

How to fix common errors in QuickBooks?

Quickly resolve frequently occurring QuickBooks bugs and glitches with the help of QuickBooks Tool Hub.

To access the QuickBooks Tool Hub, you’ll need to close your QuickBooks desktop software. Let’s now learn how to fix problems using this tool.

These steps will help you to fix the Common Errors in QB-

Step 1: Download and install QuickBooks Tools hub on your system

  1. Download the QuickBooks Tools Hub file, and then save it to another location where it can be quickly found.
  2. Open the file downloaded, i.e. QuickBooksTools.exe.
  3. Follow the instructions and click to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Tool Hub.
  4. Click the Finish button after the installation is complete. Double-click on the Windows desktop to open and access the Tools Hub.

Disclaimer: You can search the Windows search box for the icon you’re looking for if you don’t find it.

Step 2: If your problems persist, use the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

Follow these steps to install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

  1. First, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. Click on the Tools Hub and choose Installation Issues.
  3. You can click on QuickBooks Installation Hub. Don’t close your browser while it is running. It should take no longer than 20 minutes.
  4. Once the above steps are completed, restart your computer.

Step 3: Upgrade your Windows

Installing errors can be avoided by updating your operating system.

  1. Restart your computer after updating your Windows.
  2. Now, open QuickBooks and choose the company file you want.
  3. Install QuickBooks again if you continue to have problems.

If the above steps have not solved your problem, you can move on to the next step.

Disclaimer: If you have the technical know-how or are able to rely on IT professionals, we recommend that you follow the steps above.

Step 4: Selective Startup Installation of QuickBooks Desktop

If you have antivirus software installed on your computer, it could cause the installation to be stalled. We recommend installing QuickBooks in Safe Mode (selective) mode.

How to Solve a Specific QuickBooks Error?

The following error may occur when updating or installing QuickBooks files:

Quickbooks Error 1334

These are common problems that can cause Error 1334 and how to fix them quickly.

  • When you write the file name or file file.
  • Verify that you have the right to access the file in this instance.
  • Inability to install any required file.
  • In this instance, insert your QuickBooks CD.

Notice: QuickBooks launching problems may cause you to receive the same error message after all the steps.

Steps to fix the error – 1334

Step 1: Start QuickBooks by opening your company file with the extension “.qbw.”

Step 2: Double-click the file (company name.qbw)

Notification: If you receive an error message while installing the software, then you will need to either update or repair Microsoft. NET Framework.

QuickBooks Error 1712

The QuickBooks Error 1712 message might appear when you install QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. It is the message shown below.

Notable: This error can be caused by missing Windows components.

Steps to fix the error – 1712

Step 1: Download & Install the QuickBooks Tools Hub 

Notification: Refer to Step 1 of “How to Fix Common QuickBooks Desktop Installation Errors”.

Step 2

  1. Click on the QuickBooks Tools Hub to select Program Problems.
  2. Choose the Quick Fix My Program option.
  3. Try to install QuickBooks now.


  • If the QuickBooks Tools Hub does not resolve the error, create a Windows user account with Administrator rights and then retry installing QuickBooks.
  • If the Error 1712 message persists, you can contact QuickBooks support to resolve the issue.

QuickBooks Error 1904

The error message “Error 1904” will appear when you attempt to register.

Don’t worry! Your company files and accounting data will be in excellent condition.

The steps to fix the error – 1904

Step 1: Install the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool and run it

If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10, then run the QB Installation Diagnostic tool. You can skip this step if you don’t have the tool.

  1. Click the Ignore message to close the window and continue installing QuickBooks.
  2. Do not open QuickBooks during installation.
  3. Next, restart the computer.
  4. Now download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  5. Restart your computer, after the process is finally completed.

Follow the steps above to open QuickBooks software. If the software opens, it’s OK. If it is not opening, you can move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Manually fix Windows components

Notice: You must follow the instructions of an IT professional or work with Microsoft support experts to perform a repair or install.

  1. Reinstall Microsoft.NET Framework to begin the process.
  2. Repair Microsoft MSXML.

If the error persists, repeat Step 3.

Step 3: Modify the account settings of Windows

Switch to your Windows Administrator account to begin the process.

  1. Start the “Windows Start menu.”
  2. Type “CMD” into the search bar. Right-click the CMD Run icon, and then choose Run as Administrator.
  3. Navigate to the command window, and then type “net administrator /active : yes” and hit Enter.
  4. When the command window is completed, close it.
  5. Open the start menu and choose sign-out.
  6. Sign in to the Administrator account. A password is not required.

Notice: Follow all steps exactly to resolve the problem.

How to Change User Permission?

Follow all steps to change permissions.

  1. Start Windows.
  2. Open File Explorer by going to the search bar and typing “File Explorer” in the search box.
  3. Search for C:Program filesCommon files.
  4. Select Properties from the Common Files folder.
  5. Select Edit from the Security tab.
  6. From the “Groups or user names” section, select Users.
  7. Next, open the “Permissions For Users” section. Turn on the following permissions. Modify, Read and Write, Read & Execute, List folder contents.
  8. Select Apply, then click OK.

How to Reinstall and Sign Out QuickBooks

Follow these steps to reinstall or sign out QuickBooks.

  1. Install QuickBooks Desktop
  2. After you have completed the installation, open Windows Start Menu and sign out from the administrator account.
  3. Sign in now to your account.
  4. Next, open the Windows Start Menu.
  5. Type “CMD” into the search bar. Right-click the CMD Run icon. Select Run as administrator.
  6. Now type “net administrator /active no” into the command window. Press Enter to confirm. This will hide administrator account.

You can now open QuickBooks from your regular account.

Expert Opinion!

You may encounter issues with your QuickBooks solution at times. This can cause you to have a lot of anxiety and frustration, as well as impede your work productivity. The ideal solution is what we all need. You can solve your problems quickly by learning how to use the error code.

If you are unable to solve your problem yourself, you can always call professionals. You don’t have to be worried about it – just one call can solve your problems!

We are an Intuit certified QuickBooks Solutions Provider. Our goal is to sell genuine Intuit products. Expert consultations are available to help you choose the best Intuit version for your business. We are committed to providing the best quality service for our clients.


What is the QuickBooks error?

QuickBooks will generate error codes and notifications when data in your company file is corrupted or not readable correctly. Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub first and then repair the file.

What is the QuickBooks Installation Error and why am I experiencing it?

This could be due to the incorrect way you opened a file type. It could be related to the file’s reports or other windows. You might also experience an installation problem if you try to access the company folder, file, zipped, encrypted, or zipped file using an incorrect version.

How can I download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool free?

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is a program that can help you troubleshoot any issues during installation. This tool is able to fix errors such as 1603, 1935 and 1904 among others. It can be downloaded from Intuit’s official website.



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