Two years ago, no one was even familiar with NFT (non-fungible tokens) also known as digital art. Yet, here we are with a platform like FTVIO whose net worth has reached $10 million.

FTVIO has achieved this milestone in a year and a half. Many NFTs were sold for thousands of dollars. 

It all happened when the world adopted the idea of NFT and investors rushed to platforms like FTVIO to put their money somewhere safe. There is too much money and limited places to put it. 

Fashion Brands

The worth of FTVIO increased dramatically when fashion brands like Gucci, and Louis Vuitton put their NFTs on FVTIO. It is the first platform specially made for Fashion NFTs. 

In the world of NFT, bored apes are the most successful NFT collection and the total value of these trades has surpassed $1 billion. According to the financial times, the digital art market is now reaching the level of the global art trade. 

In 2021, NFT trade was estimated at $40billion dollars according to Chainalysis. However, it appears as if this number is underrated. 

Low Barriers to Entry

The success of FTVIO is associated with its low barrier to entry for new users. They can join the marketplace easily and it is completely risk-free. 

FTVIO attracted a huge number of NFT users because of the advantages offered by the platform such as social media coverage for the sellers, a reward system, and a fully secure environment. 

Unlike cryptocurrency, there have been no concerns of critics regarding the environmental loss of using NFTs. 

As with crypto-currency, the record of who owns what NFT is stored on a shared ledger known as the blockchain, a process maintained by thousands of computers worldwide.

In 2022, FTVIO would continue dominating the NFT world as millions more are looking to enter in the world of NFT. FTVIO would not only provide required support but also rewards on each sale. There is no doubt that the platform will reach over $1 billion of net worth in the next two years. 

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