On-Demand CBD Relaxation – The Top 6 CBD Vape Pens For 2022 


CBD is an active compound found in Cannabis Sativa plants. These substances have been legalized in most states because of the benefits they can have on one’s health. Many people consume these substances in various forms, like oil, tinctures, gummies, drinks, etc.  

Today, our focus will be on CBD vapes. These products are smokable – you inhale and exhale vapor to consume the CBD in them. Doing this can ease your anxiety symptoms, help with your insomnia, ease pain, and many more.  

CBD products like CBD vape pens have mainly been used for relaxation purposes. Whether you want to ease your stress or simply want to sleep better, they can help.  

So, without further ado, let’s see what the top 6 CBD vape pens in 2022 are.  

1. CBDfx  

Many people have reported that their favorite disposable CBD vape pens are CBDfx pens. These pens are lab-tested and have passed various examinations to be safe for use. Moreover, you can find many different flavors of these CBD vape pens, such as blueberry, strawberry, etc.  

CBDfx pens are on the stronger side of the spectrum. With 500mg of CBD, they are currently one of the stronger ones on the market. We recommend starting with pens with less CBD in them first and then working your way up. CBDfx vape pens use organic hemp plants to produce the oils for the pens – you won’t have to worry about inhaling toxic chemicals with these pens.  

2. TribeTokes  

TribeTokes are disposable CBD vape pens – once you reach the limit of smokes you can take, you cannot refill the products. What characterizes these pens is that they do not add artificial flavors to their vape pens. If you are a fan of the taste of CBD as it is, TribeTokes are the best disposable vape pens you can find.  

Additionally, there are TribeTokes vape pens that contain all-natural flavors. All the flavors they add are organic, and you can find different tastes, such as raspberry, juicy fruit, mango, etc. You will feel a difference between natural and artificial flavors with TribeTokes vape pens.  

3. Secret Nature disposable  

Secret Nature makes CBD vape pens for everyone’s needs. These disposable pens can come with different amounts of CBD in them – you can choose the pen that best suits your lifestyle. These pens look unique and elegant – you will feel like you are holding a sophisticated piece of relaxation in your hands.  

What is great about Secret Nature is that they wanted to provide the best experience for their users. They do not add flavors to their pens since they consider an all-natural experience the best. There is nothing like inhaling vapor with an authentic cannabis smell and taste. These pens can also have Delta 8 variants if this substance is legal in your country.  

4. Kiara Naturals  

On the refillable side of the spectrum, we have Kiara Naturals. The design of these vape pens is simply astonishing. These vape pens come in a small yet elegant design – you can take them anywhere and have relaxation on the go. Moreover, you can choose the strength and the flavors of your refillable pens whenever you feel you need a change.  

The best thing about these pens is that the flavors are not too aggressive – with some CBD vape pens, you can only taste the flavors, not the CBD itself. With Kiara Naturals, you will feel only an aroma of other flavors – you might enjoy inhaling vapor with only the slightest bit of fruity taste.  

5. Zone CBD 

When we talk about the Zone CBD vape pen, all we can think of is its natural feel. Smoking this vape pen makes you feel like you are in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by nothing but relaxation and comfort. Moreover, Zone CBD vape pens use extracts of pinene that will truly make you feel connected to nature.  

Zone CBD vape pens are one of the strongest refillable pens on the market. Once you purchase this pen, you will have a vape pen for life. It’s truly a unique pen that will provide you with a unique experience of relaxation.  

6. Just CBD 

Just vape pens have been on the market for quite some time now, and people haven’t stopped loving them. These pens are beautifully designed – no larger than a regular writing pen you can carry around. You can bring your Just vape pen with you wherever you go.  

Moreover, these pens are great for both beginners and those who have been using vape pens for some time. The refills come in different flavors and amounts of CBD. You can also find refills containing the legal percentage of THC to take your relaxation to another level.  


CBD vape pens can be an excellent source of relaxation on the go. However, there are two types of vape pens – disposable and refillable. In the text above, we have chosen some of the best disposable and refillable CBD vape pens you can purchase. All of these pens have been tested and approved by professionals. Now, you can sit back and smoke your worries away. 


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