Planning a Luxury Ride? Read Through for Riding Tips in NYC!

Luxury Ride

Renting an exotic car for your NYC holiday is a great idea especially if you wish to spend your days in luxury, comfort, grandeur, and opulence. And if you land your dream car, the moments would be truly magical for sure. When you head to an “exotic car rental near me” for your preferred vehicle, a sound understanding of what you are signing up for would be important.

Know what lies in the Store

When you are signing up for a rented luxury drive, there are some prerequisites you need to be aware of.

  1. You need to possess the confidence to take responsibility for the luxury vehicle.
  2. You should be comfortable driving in a new city.
  3. You must be willing to learn more about the rules and common practices involved in driving.
  4. You must be comfortable with parking woes, which is a common factor in every busy city these days!

Among these, coming to terms with traffic norms and being well versed with driving dos and don’ts is perhaps most vital. We look at some of the more common driving mistakes to avoid when driving in NYC.

Common Driving Mistakes to Avoid when Driving in NYC

  1. Taking Left Turns Where you are not Supposed to: There are major avenues where making left turns are not allowed, especially during specific hours of the day. Make sure you look out for signs stating the same. These rules are put in place for reducing congestion at busy junctions or road intersections. In case you are caught making illegal turns, a ticket will be issued in your name! That’s not quite the ideal situation to deal with when on a holiday, is it? Being careful is better.
  2. Blocking the Box: There are signs which tell you not to block the box and it’s better to follow. Doing so can again attract fines. When you see the traffic light changing, stay put! Do not roll ahead and create unnecessary clutter.
  3. Not paying attention to Tolls: When you drive in NYC, tolls are likely to appear expensive and ubiquitous. There are some bridges however like Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Manhattan which do not have tolls. Then again, if you are crossing through NJ and NY, there are a fair amount of toll gates to pay at. Some toll gates are “cashless”. So, when you rent an Audifor instance, and it does not have E-Zpass, the toll will be charged against the license plate and the bill will be sent to the owner’s address or the address of the company on whose name the vehicle has been registered.
  4. Talking or Texting while you Drive: Using any handheld device, be it for any purpose, is illegal when driving in NYC. Calling or texting when on the wheel will attract hefty fines. If you must, wait for a traffic signal and make calls while the signal is red. Exceptions could be emergency calls or using hands-free devices to make calls!

The initiative of planning an exotic car rental in Queens, NY should be followed up with a safe and calculated approach. Make sure you plan things well and educate yourself where you need to.



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