Quick Perks of Wearing Panna Gemstone


Manifold sorts of gemstones are there that can help you lead a happier, healthier, peaceful and even affluent life. Have you ever thought about a specific gemstone for yourself? You should think about wearing gemstone as they are absolutely effective, robust, and amazing. After all, once you wear gemstones, you get to experience both beauty and perks.

Have you ever heard about panna stone?  Well, panna is also known as emerald. It is one of the most tempting gemstones and considered among the massive three gemstones of the world known as stunning Rubies, spectacular sapphires, and wonderful emeralds. This gemstone is hugely used in gem therapy and it is considered to be the gemstone compliant to planet Mercury. The thing is, this gemstone hence accumulates the energies of Mercury and even offers you in the required measures from time to time. Once Mercury is there favourably in your horoscope, you might experience benefit by wearing this gemstone. You can get pure and authentic gemstones from Khannagems and experience the goodness of wearing a right gemstone.

The Birthstone

Folks who born in the month of May can choose to wear panna stone. It is the birthstone of the native who take birth in the month of May. So, this gorgeous green gemstone is your stone if you are one among the ones born in May.

The stone zodiac

Mercury is the presiding planet of Panna . Gemini and Virgo ruled by Mercury; hence , panna is the gemstone for such zodiac signs. In case you born between the time of 21st May to 20th June and 21st August to 20th September then you can choose to wear this green stunning stone. However, it is always beneficial to have a word with an astrologer before you wear this gemstone.

Why is Panna stone so luxurious?

Well, panna or emerald is a fully precious gemstone. The greatest quality emeralds get extracted from the Scotland  mines and even you can get it in the region of Zambia. The colour of emerald stone might differ from light green to even dull green. Amaral stone that looks fully transparent in the absence of any dark specks inside is the best possible quality and is priced quite high. But once you look at a good emerald stone, you might fall in love with it right away. Panna stone always look charming and gets the wearer wonderful outcomes.

Quick perks you can expect by wearing panna gemstone

When you wear this gemstone, it is going to sharpen your intelligence. Since intelligence is the domain of mercury, emerald stone might conveniently help in improving the understanding of life, taking a balanced decision and the ease to understand complicated things of life with excellence and ease.

Take your creativity  to next level

Once you wear panna, you are definitely going to find a sharp enhancement in your creative abilities, artistic talents language skills, and also power to innovate. You would surely experience improvement in terms of creativity and prove to be much more innovative person for sure. Of course, if you are in any artistic field then this panna gemstone can take your creative juices to the next level. You would see your creativity getting you new opportunities and amazing results.

Heals you

Panna gemstone even owns the healing powers. In case a person is going through or suffering from allergies, respiratory ailments , skin related issues , and nervous disorders, he must definitely wear Panna gemstone. It is even known to be a great stone for the person who is experiencing speech difficulties issues. So, try this gemstone and it would heal you in every possible manner. Many wearers of panna do experience and vouch for its miracles.

Enhanced communication

Panna can make any type of wearer communicate a lot more refined. A person might experience and uplift the power of his or her expression and accomplish an eloquent style of communicating their ideas to others. The confidence as well as assurance with which a person can speak with others is going to grab the appreciation. In case you are of the perspective that you are great at your work and have nice skills but lack the art of communication then this gemstone might help.

Experience better concentration in life

If you are weak at your studies or even work and experience the problem of concentrating then you must wear this stone.  Panna or emerald gemstone improves the intelligence and concentration power of the student. This gemstone directly impacts the grasping power of students and helps them to do better performance in exams. No matter what you do, if your concentration is good, it would benefit you. For example,  if you have a good concentration power,  nothing would distract you.

Boost Your art side

It is a wonderful gemstone for the natives who work in the profession or field of art. If you look forward to make a career in fashion designing, music, painting and even interior designing etc, you must wear panna stone as it is a stone of Mercury planet. It is believed that Panna stone helps the wearer to get new ideas and do inventions. With the assistance of this gemstone, you can easily and effectively outshine the competition.

Signify love and prosperity

The panna gem is adored to flourish the heart of the wearers. If you wear it, it would help you to be more loving to your own self and others. The gemstone has a clear and strong positive energy that can wrap you up for the desire to love. The gem even inclines to bring back the lost and fade up energies in your existing marriage. Of course, if you feel that your marriage is no longer vibrant and wonderful the way it used to be once, then you should ask an astrologer about wearing panna or emerald gemstone. It would definitely transform your life.


To sum up,  since you know much about panna or emerald gemstone, it is time you own one. However, make sure that you speak with an astrologer to find out if the gemstone is good for you and suits you.




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