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If you’re looking for a business immigration lawyer toronto, you may want to consider Ronen Kurzfeld. He has extensive experience in immigration law and has handled many different types of immigration cases. His areas of expertise include business immigration, sponsorship, and student visas.


In today’s global marketplace, hiring foreign talent and relocating workers from overseas is critical for success. For businesses that want to stay competitive, understanding Canada’s immigration laws is essential. The laws are constantly changing, as are the labor laws, so understanding the legal aspects of immigration and cross-border agreements is essential.

At BCF Business Law LLP, immigration and citizenship lawyer Brian Logan provides comprehensive legal counsel to multinational companies. He advises clients on the full spectrum of immigration issues and has significant experience in business immigration, employment law, and other areas of law. The firm has four offices throughout Canada, including Toronto. In his Toronto office, he leads a team of immigration lawyers who focus on corporate employee transfers, the transfer of key foreign employees, and the temporary foreign worker program.

Mark Ross has extensive experience in Cross Border Visas, working for some of the largest law firms in North America. His immigration practice also includes nonimmigrant work visas, green cards, waivers of inadmissibility, and US renunciation of citizenship. He has been admitted to the Michigan and Illinois bars and to the United States District Court for the Eastern and Northern Illinois. He is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.


Hiring an immigration lawyer can be expensive, but it’s important to get a professional who understands the laws and has the experience to help you. You should also remember that fees vary according to the complexity of your case. Many lawyers will charge you a consultation fee, which can range from $100 to $400. Other fees may be based on the length of time the lawyer spent on your case.

Hiring a lawyer is an investment, but it is worth it. Hiring an immigration lawyer can save you a lot of time and money, and the service can make the entire process less stressful. Toronto immigration lawyers are well-versed in the laws and can handle a variety of situations.

Questions to ask before hiring a lawyer

Before you hire an immigration attorney, there are several questions to ask. One important question is the type of case you are dealing with, and this is best answered by an attorney. While an immigration attorney can’t tell you what will happen in your case, he or she can tell you what to expect during your legal proceedings.

You may also want to ask what type of law the attorney practices. Do they only specialize in immigration law, or do they have other practices? This can help you understand their priorities. Also, find out how much time they dedicate to their practice. If their practice is limited to immigration, they may not be able to handle your case efficiently.

Experience with PNPs

Experience with PNPs is an important component of a successful business immigration application, and an experienced immigration lawyer can help you determine whether or not a PNP is the best route for your business. Michael Osgoode is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association’s Citizenship and Immigration Section, and the American Bar Association.

The PNPs are different in every province, so it’s important to determine which province’s requirements are best for your needs. Depending on your specific business, some provinces may require you to take IELTS or a French language test. Your immigration lawyer will help you navigate these complicated processes.

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