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The most beautiful day of your life is approaching, and you’ve finally found the one you want to spend it with. What’s the next thing on your mind besides the legal matters? The costumes – your dirndl dress! Yes, we’re talking about the Oktoberfest here, which is happening right around your wedding date. Let’s see what to look out for when choosing a traditional German dirndl dress and give a few tips on accessories, shoes, and hairstyle.

Wedding dirndls, do you want it? In a traditional wedding, the bride usually wears a wedding dress and the male bridegroom a tuxedo. But oh no! Fashion is not where it ends, because the trend of the traditional costume is becoming more and more popular and does not stop outside of the Alpine areas – even if alpine weddings are already themselves very trendy.

Traditional Wedding Dress For a Bride 

Brides often wear a white wedding gown, but there is no rule that says you must. Many brides choose to wear more than one color in their ensemble and choose gowns with brighter shades of white, cream, pink, and light blue. Pastel colors are more appropriate for a formal wedding, while dark shades can be worn at an informal outdoor wedding.

Wedding dresses have long been adorned with intricate lace and delicate silk details. The waistline offers a modern alternative to the traditional apron, creating a figure-flattering look without sacrificing class.

Things to Consider While Selecting a Wedding Dirndl Dress 

When choosing a wedding dirndl, it is important to keep in mind that you want the bottom of your gown to cover your knees. If you choose a dirndl that does not cover your knees, we recommend that you only wear that piece with caution and make sure it is appropriate for the occasion. 

We recommend that brides who want to show off their legs wear midi dirndls or classic long bridal dirndls. If you would like to shorten your wedding gown or have it hemmed for other occasions, you can either get it shortened by a professional seamstress or do this job yourself with scissors if you are handy around the house. 

Higher-quality materials increase the price of a dirndl, but there is a big advantage to buying a bridal dirndl: it can be worn to many other special events, including church fairs and Oktoberfest. As a guest at birthdays or other weddings, a woman in Bavaria or Austria is never dressed inappropriately in a dirndl.

Dirndl Blouse 

Dirndl, or traditional Bavarian dress, is usually a long-sleeved blouse worn with an apron. We recommend choosing long-sleeved over short-sleeved dirndls to maintain your modesty. You may also choose to wear a bodice or corset over your blouse as well.

Oktoberfest Shoes 

Although height is not a major factor in traditional footwear, comfort and appearance are. Shoes should be comfortable, preferably with pumps, because they create a more flattering silhouette and are more comfortable than other styles. Whether open or closed-toe shoes are preferred is up to you.

Hair Accessories 

Although veils aren’t part of a traditional wedding dress, you can certainly wear them. However, if you’re looking for something different, wreaths of flowers or rhinestones would be a way to go. Braided hairstyles are available for both long and short hair.

When choosing flower accessories for your wedding, be sure to choose pieces that will look good with your bridal bouquet. If you prefer not to use real flowers, fake flowers are always an option; they are more durable and can withstand long nights out. 


Brides also wear necklaces and earrings in addition to hair accessories. The earrings should be kept in the background so as not to distract from the elaborate hairstyle. You don’t necessarily have to wear costume jewelry; decide what kind of jewelry you want based on your own preferences and budget.


Brides usually wear makeup to enhance their natural beauty. But since dirndls are traditionally worn without much jewelry, it’s best to choose a natural look that does not clash with the bride’s hairstyle or her traditional German dirndl dress. This can be achieved by applying warm shades of brown eye shadow and blush, with a touch of color added by using lipstick in a matching shade.

Bridal Dirndl Dress for Sale at Modest Price

Depending on where you want to showcase the dirndl dress, it can get a lot of attention from everyone who sees you wearing it. The dirndl requires some work in order to make sure that your figure is complemented by the garment rather than played down by it. If you really have nobody to turn to, there are plenty of resources online, such as Dirndl Online Shop to give you an idea of what this type of clothing will look like when worn on various body shapes.

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