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Sheth Jebun is the founder of the largest UK nursing home. It is a reputable businessman that used its money to benefit other people. He holds a nursing degree and has over 30 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. His vision is to give a home to those who cannot afford it. He also wants to provide additional care and medium.

Sheth jeebun began his business career in a very low-level company. After starting his own business, he was able to make as much as possible. The majority of his income was donated to charities and other causes.

Establishment his own business

Sheth jeebun started his career as a nurse because he was a common person like us. After establishing his business, he worked hard to reach his goals and became a successful entrepreneur. He started helping other people after becoming a successful businessman. He established nursing homes in the United Kingdom for people who couldn’t afford their medications. They were provided with extra care and support by Mr. Sheth Jeebun. He provides individualized care for each resident. All residents are welcomed home by him. Because older adults often feel lonely and miss their families, he provides a home for them where his staff can support and comfort them. Their nursing homes are safe and secure.

Sheth jeebun established three nursing homes in London (West Sussex), Worcester, and the United Kingdom. He took his business from a small scale to global; the world now knows him and benefits from his charitable donations.

He worked for over 30,000 women artisans in India.

After achieving his goals, Sheth Jeebun achieved success in his business as well as his personal life. In addition to his charity work and donations, he also helped women in need. There are many rural Indian women who want to support their families. Sheth Jeebun offered them a platform that would allow artisan women to sell their goods. These women created handmade products, which they then sold in other countries, as well. Sheth jeebun is a strong supporter of such women in order to improve their lives.

These women work hard to make handmade products and receive a high salary for their hard work. Sheth Jeebun is a key figure in their lives and helps them support their families.

Sheth jeebun stated that this was a huge project that would cover all villages in India. Traditional Indian products have a large market in the UK and other countries. We will make sure that the project benefits the artisans. It would allow them to get on their feet.

Many women find inspiration from him and learn how to succeed. They support their families and make their life easier.

Founder, Aster Health Care

Aster Health Care is a free health care program that provides treatment for those who can’t afford it. Sheth jeebun stated that he understood the importance of sustainability in mitigating the negative effects of carbon consumption and over-consumption. Therefore, I have made it my goal to eliminate all paper in Aster Healthcare Homes by 2020. We have invested in the most modern technology to ensure the personalized treatment of our residents. Digitization will enable us to provide better and more precise care. It will also help reduce our carbon footprint as an organization.

Sheth Jeebun stated that “a key part of my ethos is giving back and helping those in need.” The recent pandemic has highlighted inequalities worldwide. Since the 1990s, I have been supporting underprivileged children all over the world in India and Africa. I’m proud to continue this support. Our firm is a corporate sponsor of many local charities, including Plan International and Red Cross, Action Aid and Aid of Care, Dignity in Care, and Guildford Philanthropy.


Sheth jeebun struggles lead him to a successful journey. With the help of his support, people can live healthy and happy lives. They also get support and guidance. He has a great influence on many people and is a generous donor and charitable person. Sheth Jebun is responsible for many women starting their careers and earning a good income. Sheth Jebun also helps many people to get shelter and healthcare. Many people are unable to afford their medicines and can’t get home care, especially the elderly. He ran a nursing home where the staff provided support and the facilities they needed. They lived happily. The staff provides care and individual treatment for those who are in need.

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