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Simon Parkes YouTube

Simon Parkes is 60 years old British citizen. He is basically a labor politician and also a former councilor in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Besides that, he is also a YouTuber and his youtube channel name is Simon Parkes Youtube. Simon Parkes believes in the existence of elementals, aliens, and UFOs. Because of these beliefs, he is also famous for making unusual statements about the existence of life beyond the universe. Moreover, Simon Parkes is an initiator and the founder of a ‘connecting consciousness’ organization. Simon’s organization aims to solve global challenges through spiritual and physical development, governance, and education.

Simon Parkes YouTube is the most famous and well-known Youtuber. He starts his YouTube journey on YouTube one year ago, under the name ‘Simon Parkes YouTube’. He uploaded almost more than 1000 videos on YouTube and now he is one of the most famous YouTubers in the USA. Simon Parke’s YouTube channel grows very early because of the bests content.

History of Simon Parkes Youtube

Furthermore, currently, there are more than 620k subscribers on Simon Parkes YouTube. The highest views on a single video of Simon’s are almost 3.5 million. Simon Parkes is a funny man and always enjoys smiling. He uploads funny videos on his Simons Parkes YouTube channel and that is the secret of his success on YouTube because people love his funny videos. Simon is also famous in UK and Canada because of his content on YouTube. He uploads videos on daily basis on YouTube. On his YouTube channel, Simon Parkes works with brands to promote their products through his Simon Parkes YouTube channel. Simon Parkes is also a Pinterest and Instagram user.

A labor councilor, Simon Parkes claims in his recent YouTube interview that he made a soul agreement with aliens. Even he had an affair with an extraterrestrial has quit politics. Further, Simon Parkes said that the armed separatist conflict in Ukraine had also been sparked by an alien race ‘Nordics’. The former politician’s biological mother worked for the British Security Service from 1965 to 1978. Because of his alien contact at a very early age, aliens advised him that she was a mother to him but not his Earthly mother. Simon parks Grandfather also was a British diplomat. His grandfather worked for the British intelligence foreign arm. He has a long experience with aliens, elementals and UFOs, and shadow peoples. Simon was an elected Politician and served a full term of office.

Simon Parkes YouTube assisted many people who have come forward from Illuminati families/bloodlines, where they have suffered, tortured, and in trauma. He helped those people and get them out of these conditions. Some interesting facts about Simon Parkes are given below.

Facts about Simon Parkes YouTube

Simon Parks is a former British politician and a lawmaker working from Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. He is known for his claims about life in space. Simon is also the supporter and founder of Connecting.

Simon Parkes finished his early Secondary education with decent Grades. After that, he had done graduation with a Bachelor’s degree from a US state university.

Councilor Simon Parkes was also a former driving instructor. In 2010, Simon Parkes made his first public appearance, at that time he shared his stories and theories about the existence of life beyond the universe like aliens and UFOs.

In 2013, the British Ministry of Defense invites Simon Parkes to join a secret space radar base in the UK. That’s the time when his political career rose.

Simon Parkes is happily married; his wife’s name is Jacquie Parkes. Simon has three biological children from their marriage. The former councilor’s wife is also an old lady, she is not a YouTuber but she fully supports his husband Simon Parkes. Nowadays Simon Parkes is trading in USA, UK, and also in Canada as well.

The grass-roots organization Connecting Consciousness was also founded by Simon Parkes. This organization has thousands of followers in over 100 countries.

The former politicians Simon made headlines about his child when he claimed to have fathered an extraterrestrial child. The name of this extraterrestrial child is Zarka.

Simon Parkes said that he adopt a baby from a 9ft tall green alien mother. He explained that the green alien was his ‘real, more important mother. Later he said that when he was 11, his alien mother took him on board her spacecraft and a deal was struck about contact between the two worlds. Simon Parkes claims that he has a green alien mother of 9ft height. He said that his green alien mother has eight fingers. Furthermore, he has also written on his website about his mother that his biological mother worked for the British Security Service.

The former politician is 60 years old by age as of 2022. He has an average physique. Simon Parkes Height is 5 Ft 8 Inches. His weight is about 68 KG.

Labor Politician

The labor politician Simon’s Net worth income salary according to 2021 latest updated report is $1 Million – $5 Million approximately. Although, we speculate he makes a good sum of money from his Simon Parkes YouTube channel. He also has his spirituality-based organization so he also earns from that organization. Moreover, the former labor politician also does soul reading so he also charges a good sum of money for this service.

Simon also does mind healing, and general consultation and frees his clients from demonic possession so he charges a good sum of money for all these services.

During the last few months, the former politician Simon Parkes has gained a lot of attention on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with lots of dedicated subscribers. Simon Parkes claims that he is in contact with the Q inside, and he has the latest information. He teamed up with Charlie Ward as well. That’s all about Simon Parkes YouTube.

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