6 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Product Descriptions


Product descriptions are extremely important in online business. Online buyers need help inspecting the items they wish to buy. Therefore, they generally count on the product photographs and descriptions provided on a product detail page to confirm everything they want. Any detail that customers are not visible in product photographs must be mentioned in the product description.

 Writing a product description while focusing on the customers’ requirements can take time and effort. You can’t just go all out with descriptive words and overdo it. On the other hand, it is equally important not to miss the relevant details. 

 Then how to strike the perfect balance and come up with just as good product descriptions?

 Here are six common mistakes to avoid when writing the perfect product descriptions for your online store. 

Not Creating Customer-Focused Product Descriptions

When you write to draw customers, you must write keeping them in mind. As you write your product descriptions, always be mindful of your potential customers. It’s okay to use jargon extensively if attempting to promote electronics or software to industry specialists. On the other hand, choose simpler words when describing your products if your targeted audience is people with little to no technical background.

 In online marketing, strong product descriptions pique customers’ interest and contribute to closing the deal. Hiring content writers with expertise in writing product descriptions can help you with boosting sales volumes. Also, it saves you from alienating your target market and compromising your ranking on search engines.

Providing Insufficient Details

Online buyers depend on product descriptions to provide all the information they require about a product because they can’t physically analyze the product themselves. Recognize all the parameters prospective buyers could have and mention them in the product description, so your customers make an informed buying choice.

 Also, include further details that could distinguish your product from competitors and persuade buyers they are getting what they need. Customers will feel more confident making a purchase when all of their inquiries regarding the product are addressed in advance satisfactorily.

 In an attempt to keep the description precise, some people might miss out on the most important component — the advantages.

 Most product descriptions merely concentrate on listing the product’s features rather than emphasizing any advantages the client can have from purchasing it. Increase your chances of making a sale with qualified product description writers. They will develop an advantage-oriented description that enables customers to envision themselves utilizing the product.

Providing Information Overload

You can’t overwhelm your customers with unnecessary information. Although it may seem paradoxical, your customer doesn’t need to know EVERYTHING through a product description. You can leave a few details to their comprehension.

 It is best to avoid mentioning details that might not influence the buyer’s interest in purchasing your product. Eliminate content that might not relate to it by putting yourself in your customer’s position and imagining their demands during the shopping experience.

Copy Pasting Manufacturer’s Information

We understand the impulse to copy-paste the product description from the manufacturer to your website. It’s a common approach, and many of your competitors might already be doing it for similar products. You should develop original product descriptions that distinguish you from your competitors. It will not only entice more customers but will also increase your ranking on search engines.

 Original content offers several advantages to SEO.

 Manufacturer descriptions are not as attractive; therefore, developing your descriptions has additional SEO advantages. An easier option can be to take the product details from the manufacturer’s description and polish it to make them customer-friendly. 

 When creating product descriptions, consider your potential customer, the product’s applicability, and the tone you want to convey. What size space does the item work best in? Is the item modern or traditional? Why? Letting your perspective and knowledge shine through can help the reader understand what makes this item unique and how it might fit into a setting.

Using Trendy Terms

To connect to popular subjects and give your products a modern perspective, you might want to include trendy terms and clichés in the product descriptions. In most instances, this isn’t a recommended practice since buyers nowadays are more aware than ever of keyword misuse.

 Consider whether your product blends in with them if you want to highlight any popular subjects or buzzwords. The readers might interpret your use of them as a blatant attempt to sell them anything. The subject in question is unlikely to remain trendy for long. So, be aware of how you use such terms to avoid having your product appear outdated. Otherwise, you will have to change the product descriptions frequently.

Poor Choice of Keywords

The right choice of keywords is crucial. Focusing on targeted keywords may boost your products’ reach to a larger audience. By using better keywords in your product description, you can get your product pages to rank higher on search engines.

 Analyze what customers are looking for when conducting internet searches and the relevant keyword phrases they use. Long-tail keywords, composed of a few phrases unique to the product you’re offering, are another thing you shouldn’t overlook.

 You can be as precise as you want and mention the model number or product codes. It helps with narrowing down the search results. Some buyers are more specific with their research and use long-tail keywords, so it is crucial to be specific with the choice of words. 

Long-tail keywords, in terms of content writing, sometimes get lesser views. However, for product descriptions, they have better customer conversion rates. 

Hire Professional Product Description Writers

If you want eloquent and attractive product descriptions, what’s better than getting help from professionals who know precisely what your customers are looking for. 

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