Skincare products and techniques that are actually bad for your skin

Skincare products and techniques

Perhaps you read it in Cosmo, or maybe your friend’s friend told you about this new product or hack, and you started doing it, not understanding, or researching if it was in fact good for your skin.

For some reason, when it comes to skincare products and tricks, we are eager to believe; anything to get supermodel skin. This very mindset and gullibility may be the reason why so many things that we might be doing are actually bad for the skin.

It is only when the visits to the Best Dermatologist in Karachi start you realize the error in your ways.

However, to prevent you from making mistakes that can lead to unwanted side-effects and big regrets, we have rounded up few of the common skincare issues that most of us may be guilty of.

Face wipes

You might not have given a second thought to the face wipes that help you remove the makeup efficiently and quicky, pretty much from anywhere. While an occasional use may even be fine, but when you use it regularly, you are doing your skin a disservice.

Facial wipes contain high alcohol content, and since alcohol is astringent, it is not great for your skin. Moreover, the wipes and the rubbing action that they require might also lead to friction and consequent tears to the skin.

A better approach would be to use a proper cleanser or micellar water. Always have a microfiber cloth handy for a quick wipe.

Very-potent acne treatments

For any sort of treatment for skin conditions, you should only rely on the advice of your doctor. But some people might start slathering all the strong products to get rid of acne, and unfortunately, do a lot of damage in the process. Some problems that can occur include irritation, dryness, inflammation etc.

Using harsh scrubs on skin

You might have heard of walnut scrubs that one of the celebrities swears by and has even launched a product of as well. Unfortunately, any such products that contain granules, even if of fruit or nuts, are not safe for use on the facial skin.

Our facial skin is delicate, and these scrubs can lead to micro-tears. These can lead to infection, irritation, and inflammation. So, steer clear of any such products for your

facial skin.

Best approach is to use chemical exfoliants. And if you are going for physical ones, then make sure the particles are very soft.

Overdoing with the chemical exfoliants

While chemical exfoliants are good for your skin, keeping it looking fresh, the complexion even, and prevent clogged pores, however, you can also overdo with chemical exfoliants as well.

If you over-exfoliate your skin, you risk irritation, inflammation, and dryness. Furthermore, it can also make your skin more susceptible to sunburn as well.

So, try to limit your exfoliation to once or twice the week. However, during winters, you should be even more careful, since winter skin is prone to dryness, which can make it extra sensitive.

Also, listen to your skin. If it is feeling too red and too sensitive after exfoliation, then perhaps further lower the frequency of exfoliation. Moreover, make sure that you use sunscreen after exfoliating your skin.

Blackhead strips and masks

Even though the fad has still died down some, however, many people still use pore strips. There is also available gunk in the form of mask that you slather on the t-zone to get rid of the oil, white and blackheads.

However, such products are also not good for your skin. These can lead to tears in the skin, that can get infected. So, instead, try to use chemical exfoliants to get rid of the buildup. And make sure you regularly cleanse your face.

If your black head situation is still a code red, you can consult the Best Skin Specialists in Lahore for professional removal of the blackheads.


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