Some History Of China’slargest Company OPF


Zhejiang, China’s largest optical fibre cable manufacturer, is working to enable more efficient communications worldwide with the evolution of OPF Era 5G. Currently, at the forefront of constant innovation, o-pf strives to be a manufacturer of excellent fibre optic products. Optic cable manufacturer with 20 years of working experience in the power station and fibre optic industry aims to provide quality products.

They have various network solutions to connect high-voltage industries to electricity. They are a professional high-tech fibre optic company engaged in research and development, providing  china fiber optic manufacturer and customers with a timely quality product and satisfactory after-sales service.

The requirements of the energy industry are also the basis of their OPF products OPF Electronics is committed to the advanced development of power system communications. Over the years, OPF has been recognized by customers worldwide as a superior fibre optic supplier for its short lead time, fast delivery and timely service.

As a fiber optic cable supplier, OPF is trusted to offer a full range of fibre optic solutions by partners. Our technicians can provide solutions that satisfy our customers. We provide optical fibre products made in China OPF and solutions for the communication market. PDF Fiber Optic Products factory has manufacturing facilities for complete telecom solutions for product delivery. We can produce 200,000 kilometres of cable per month. In other words, 90% of our products are cables, covering ADSS, ASU, drop cable, micro channel cable, OPGW, quick connector, SPS splitter, closure, FTTH box, etc. OEM and customization are possible according to customer demand.

As a fibre optic cable provider, we are constantly working to ensure that we are ready to offer you an uninterrupted connection.

Post by Pranta Saha CEO at Tizen



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