Steps To Follow For Getting A Gun License In India

    Gun License In India

    The gun licensing process is under the Arms Act of 1959. If you are a citizen of India and want to possess a gun, you must buy NPB guns or non-prohibited bores. Moreover, you can keep the gun if your life has a major threat. 

    You can easily purchase a gun from outdoor trader georgia, a famous antique and equipment company. However, the process of getting a gun license is not an easy task. There is a lengthy process to follow. 

    Getting A Gun License-

    • To get a gun license one needs to submit an application to the police department. Moreover, you will get the form of application from the DSP (district superintendent of the police) of your own area.
    • When you submit the application form, your past record will be verified. For instance, if you are doing any crime or connected with any criminal cases or not. After that, they will verify your address.
    • After that, a huge level of information will be gathered all together. For instance, the behavior, the relationship between you and your neighbor, moreover, your neighbor will be asked if they have time seen you in an argument or involved in a fight.
    • Your mental health check will be done. For instance, if you are going through any medical treatment or not.
    • In fact, DCP will arrange a direct interview with you. There will be one main question, ‘why do you need a gun?”. In this question, most people answer, that they need this for self-defense. However, the answer is also taken. Other types of answers were like protecting ourselves from wild animals.
    • Thereafter, DCP will send the interview report to the national crime record bureau and criminal branch.

    If all the process going in the right order and most importantly if DCP is pleased with your interview, you as a civilian will get a gun license.

    After getting the gun license, you should now buy a gun. You can pre-book it and get it from any licensed gun shop of your choice.

    Documents Needed To Get A Gun From Factory-

    • A photocopy of the gun license.
    • Issued licensed with English or Hindi written date and place.
    • There are two NOC needed. The first one is for the factory owners and the second one is for police authorities. However, if the gun has valid across India, it does not need NOC.
    • Also, a transport license is needed for where the gun factory is located.

    Time Taken To Get A Gun-

    Usually, within two months, a gun is delivered to a respected customer. However, it can extend to three months. The time depends on the manufacturing factory and systems. 


    It is a complex process to get a gun. However, it is right to keep it complex. A gun is not an entertaining thing like streaming apps. Therefore, safe keeping is very important. Moreover, you should have a clear goal of why you are using a gun.


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