Survival Subscription Boxes You Can’t Miss Out On 


In this digital age, the idea of a subscription box is as common as ever. From beauty to pet care and everything in between, there are subscription boxes for any interest you can think of. However, with so many different subscription box options available today, deciding which is suitable for your particular interests can be challenging.  

If you’re a die-hard prepper or survivalist with an affinity for outdoor activities and hobbies, you’ll probably want to check out some of the best survival subscription boxes in 2022 

These five services provide high-quality gear and supplies that prepare you for almost any scenario. They offer quite a bit of variety as well; from general emergency prep kits to more specific offerings like hydration systems and fire starter kits, there is something for everyone on this list. So, here are the five subscription boxes for your outdoor excursions: 

  1. BattlBox 

BattlBox is one of the more popular survival subscription boxes, and for a good reason. Founded in 2014, BattlBox has built a reputation for offering high-quality gear and supplies that are perfect for preppers and survivalists. 

As the best survival subscription box available online, they have a wide range of subscription plans to suit any budget and come with a risk-free trial period. There are 11 different themed boxes, including an Urban Survival Box, a Wilderness Survival Box, and an Ultimate Box.  

You can also create a Custom Box if any of their existing boxes doesn’t meet your needs or interests. BattlBox’s products include everything from general survival tools like water filtration systems and fire starters to more specific items like paracord and tactical flashlights. 

 All their boxes are guaranteed a minimum value of at least $70, though it’s not uncommon to see total values reaching hundreds. 

  1. Crate Club

Crate Club is another excellent survival subscription box for travel enthusiasts. Like Battlbox, Crate Box offers both recurring and single-box options, with various subscription types. Crate Box provides a wide range of boxes with multiple products, including self-defense gear, survival tools, outdoor essentials, medical kits, EDC packs, and more. 

You can even choose to have a mixture of products in your box, which is ideal if you have various interests and needs.  

Crate Club’s products are hand-selected and guaranteed to be high-quality and valuable by veterans and only offer a single-box option for their First Aid Survival Box. However, you can choose from three different box sizes, i.e., lieutenant crate, captain crate, and lieutenant crate. Besides, these boxes contain various valuable first aid and survival products, including a first aid kit, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and other valuable items. 

  1. Knife Crate 

Knife Crate is another survival subscription box that offers many different types of boxes. They have boxes for general survivalists and preppers and more specific interests like tactical gear and knives. 

 Knife Crate’s boxes are a mixture of recurring subscriptions and single-box purchases. Knife Crate offers a variety of general survival supplies, as well as knives, flashlights, and other tactical gear. You can receive a specific box or just a variety of products. 

 You can also choose a recurring subscription, which is ideal for those who want to build a consistent supply of helpful gear. Knife Crate’s total values are lower than those of Battlbox and Crate Box, but they make up for it with many products. You can expect anything from general survival tools to tactical flashlights and even fire starters. 

  1. Gunner crate 

Gunner Crate is a survival subscription box that provides high-quality gear for outdoor and survival enthusiasts. They only offer a single-box option, though you can choose from three sizes. 

The standard box is an excellent value at only $29.99, and the deluxe and premium boxes are even better options at $39.99 and $49.99, respectively. Gunner Crate provides general survival items and more tactical supplies like shooting and hunting gear.  

You can expect to receive items like water filtration systems, fire starters, knives, and more. Gunner Crate’s total values fall on the low spectrum compared to Battlbox and Crate Box. However, they offer great value for their low prices and have been known to exceed $50 in some cases. 

  1. Zombie Apocalypse Box 

The Zombie Apocalypse Box is a survival subscription box that prepares you for the worst. It’s a recurring subscription, with boxes being sent on the first of every month. The Zombie Apocalypse Box offers a wide range of products for every budget.  

The standard box is just $14.99 monthly and contains a mixture of survival supplies and accessories. The deluxe box is $19.99 per month and includes even more items, while the extreme box is $29.99 per month and includes a wide variety of tools and equipment 

The Zombie Apocalypse Box has a wide selection of products, including first aid kits, fire starters, water filters, knives, and more. While the Zombie Apocalypse Box might not have the highest total values, it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a low-cost way to stay prepared. 

Final Words 

Preppers and survivalists can use any help they can get to prepare for any situation. Survival subscription boxes can be a great way to get high-quality gear and supplies at a discounted price. These services provide high-quality products and a guaranteed total value, so you always know what you’re getting. These services will be excellent if you’re interested in survival subscription boxes. 


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