The Best Airsoft Mag Pouch


Pouches offer convenience and safety for keeping your magazines and ammunition. Airsoft mag pouches are the ideal multipurpose tool for carrying the necessary equipment for your weapons because they can be used with airsoft guns, tools, extra magazines, grenade launchers, and anything else. Mag Pouches may be placed on any vest, plate carrier, or chest gear that utilizes MOLLE webbing thanks to their MOLLE mounts on the rear.

The United States Military uses the excellent MOLLE webbing concept, which allows you to tailor your loadout for the operation. The Mag pouches are firmly attached to your plate carrier, vest, or chest rig, and this makes them incredibly durable.

Mag Pouches

Mag pouches, also known as magazine pouches, are bags made especially to contain airsoft BB magazines. During airsoft, they are necessary; they are the most widely used kind of pouch for airsoft.

An airsoft magazine pouch may be made of Cordura, polyester, high-density polymer, cotton canvas, leather, or a variety of materials combined. There are many different pouch alternatives to employ because the magazines used in many airsoft rifles and pistols vary in size and design. There are pistol magazine pouches as well as magazine pouches for rifles. Two extra pistol magazines are often kept on your loadout. Admin or medical pouches are other things to think about because they allow you to store various equipment and accessories. Additionally, a variety of additional pouch designs are available.

Types of Mag Pouches

The Mag pouch has two types;

  • Open-top Mag pouch: open top Mag pouch is the most common type of display across plate carriers and battle belts. It is available as shingles that carry two, three, or four magazines or as single modules for holding one magazine. On top, they could contain bungee cord loops, or they might be entirely open. Open-top pouches are excellent for reloading more quickly in hectic situations.
  • Closed-top Mag pouch: The magazines are completely enclosed in a closed-top mag pouch, which provides the finest defense against the environment. When navigating difficult terrain, closed top pouches are fantastic for keeping your magazines safely in place, making them the most common choice for competitive players. This magazine pouch mostly uses some kind of buckle or fastener to keep the lid secure, which in turn slows down reloading.

There have been a lot of mag pouches in the market over the years and the truth is, there’s no “best one” as each has its advantages and disadvantages. To know the one that may serve you best, you may want to consider the following characteristics before purchasing;

  • Inserting Speed: When performing a tactical reload without a dump pouch, the inserting speed refers to how quickly you can put a magazine back into the pouch.
  • Retention: How effectively a magazine retains its shape in a pouch is known as retention.
  • The Noise Level: The volume of the noise, as in some circumstances this may also be significant.
  • The Build: The build refers to the size of the profile and any unique features.
  • The Draw Speed: The draw speed refers to how quickly you can access your magazine.
  • Adjustability: By adjustability, we mean how well the tension on the pouch can be adjusted and how widely they are suitable for various sorts of magazines.

In Summary,

Mag pouches come in various types, and all serve their purpose, depending on what it’s used for. But when it comes to airsoft, mag pouches are definitely your best bet. If you are trying to gain a tactical advantage or you want to become more immersed in airsoft games, you should consider getting an airsoft mag pouch.


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