The Common Advantages of Lamination


In addition to these benefits, lamination can help protect your product from sticky fingers. Postcards, greeting cards, catalogs, and booklets are frequently handled by customers and therefore require lamination. The process also prevents ink transfer during transit. Therefore, many companies and brands choose lamination for their products. To learn more about the benefits of lamination, check out the list below. You’ll be glad you chose this method for your business!


Laminated postcards have many advantages. They are affordable and highly effective compared to other marketing methods, such as email marketing or envelope mailers. In addition to retaining their quality after mailing, they also offer a more substantial feel and last longer in the mailbox. Cost-effective laminated postcards are an excellent way to get your message out to various customers. These versatile products are available in different paper types, double-sided lamination, and various sizes.

In addition to their durability and engagement value, laminated postcards are also highly customizable, allowing you to create a postcard that perfectly fits your campaign. For example, you can include a picture of your customer’s vehicle or a link to your website and even track the results with UpDash, which allows you to keep track of which postcards have converted to sales. The benefits of laminated postcards are clear, as they offer more than just a high response rate.


Using lamination on postcards and cards is a great way to protect them from damage and from sticky fingers. Lamination is a great option for products that customers often handle, such as greeting cards, postcards, catalogs, and booklets. Furthermore, lamination makes cards harder to tamper with and prevents ink transfer during transit. Here’s how it works:

Laminate cards and postcards with a protective layer are great for the best protection. You can get double-sided lamination as well. You can also get single-sided lamination. Laminated cards will keep their shape even if you write inside them. However, writing inside a laminated card is difficult, so if you plan to write on the inside of the card, you should go for double-sided lamination.

To make postcards more durable, consider using holographic overlaminate film. Holographic overlaminate films are hard to duplicate and are often used on ID cards. Holographic overlaminates have a design on the surface that cannot be duplicated. Also, Holographic overlays are much more difficult to copy, so custom-made lamination is the best option to guarantee maximum protection. Lamination comes in two different styles, overlay, and patch. Patch lamination leaves a small border on the edge, while overlay laminate covers the entire surface.


There are several common advantages of using a customized laminated postcard. First, it makes the piece seem exclusive. Moreover, the glossy surface of laminated postcards is resistant to tearing. Second, laminated mailers can withstand longer redemption cycles. Finally, consumers will feel special when they receive personalized mailers, and they’ll be more inclined to buy them over the regular paper. That’s a common benefit for both businesses and consumers.

Third, they’re incredibly affordable. You can get high-quality graphics for laminated postcards, which can be used for direct-mail campaigns. They’re great at capturing consumer attention. This, of course, means higher response rates. In addition, they can display more discounts or special offers. Another major advantage of using laminated postcards is their flexibility. These cards can be adapted to any automotive campaign, whether it’s a simple print ad or a highly personalized postcard.


Direct-mail marketers can utilize the laminated postcard’s versatility to increase response rates. The high-quality graphics and printing allow for higher response rates. They can even be printed with barcodes or postage labels, allowing them to send out multiple offers simultaneously. In addition to the increased response rate, laminated postcards are more accessible to store and handle than standard paper. They also cost less to produce than traditional postcards so that they can be sent without an envelope.

Choosing a self-mailer that’s both attractive and highly functional allows marketers to get creative. They can select a gatefold or an eye-catching design. They can also use special printing effects such as foil stamping, embossing, or metallic inks. When designing a self-mailer, consider how your target audience will view it. Ensure the front panel can attract the audience’s attention without being too busy. Also, make sure each forum serves a specific purpose and is linked together.


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