The Different Types of Arabian Clothing for Women – Which is your Favorite?


When it comes to fashion, there is no lack of choices for women in the Arab world. From abayas and jalabiyas to dresses and skirts, there is a wide range of options to choose from. But with so many different types of Arabian clothing for women, it can be tough to determine which one is right for you. That’s why we have got together this comprehensive guide to the different types of Arabian clothing for women. We’ll go over everything from the basics of abayas and jalabiyas to more modern styles like dresses and skirts. By the end, you’ll have a better grasp of the different types of Arabian clothing for women and which ones will best suit your personal style. As a bonus, we also give out an active Sivvi code to get your Arabic clothing pocket-friendly with maximum discounts.

Women’s Arabian Clothing Types

There are many different types of Arabian clothing, each with its own history and meaning. Now, we will explore the different types of Arabian clothing below.

  1. Abayas

The first type of Arabian clothing we’ll be discussing is the abaya. The abaya is a loose-fitting, full-length garment that is worn by many women in the Arab world. It is typically made from black, heavy fabric and covers the entirety of a woman’s body except for her hands, feet, and head.

Abayas are often worn with a hijab, which is a headscarf that covers a woman’s hair, ears, and neck. While the hijab is not required when wearing an abaya, many Muslim women choose to wear one to follow religious guidelines concerning modesty.

  1. Jalabiyas

Another popular type of Arabian clothing for women is the jalabiya. The jalabiya is a long, loose-fitting garment typically made from lightweight fabric like cotton or linen. It comes in a variety of colours & designs but is most commonly seen in white or other light colours.

Like the abaya, the jalabiya covers the entirety of a woman’s body except for her hands, feet, and head. Many Muslim women choose to wear a jilbab (a long cloak or cape) over their jalabiya to follow guidelines concerning modesty. However, others prefer to forego this extra layer in favour of comfort during hot weather conditions.

  1. Dresses & Skirts

In recent times, it has been an increasing trend in the popularity of dresses and skirts as Arabian clothing for women. These garments are typically made from lighter-weight fabrics like cotton or linen & come in a wide range of colours & designs. While they are not as commonly seen as abayas or jalabiyas, they are becoming more popular among Arab women who want to dress modestly without sacrificing style.

  1. Kaftan

The next type of Arabian clothing is the kaftan. The kaftan is a long, loose-fitting tunic that covers the body from the neck to the ankles. It can be made from many fabrics such as silk, cotton, or velvet and has many different colours and patterns. Kaftans are often embellished with embroidery, beads, or sequins and are worn with pants or a skirt.

  1. Thobe

The last type of Arabian clothing is the thobe. The thobe is a loose-fitting gown that covers the body from the neck to the feet. It is typically white in colour and made from a light fabric such as cotton or linen. The thobe can be plain or adorned with embroidery, beads, or sequins. Thobes are worn with a headscarf or niqab (face veil) and are usually reserved for special occasions such as weddings or religious festivals.

Is the Arabian Trend of Clothing Changing?

Traditionally, the Arabian style of clothing has been quite conservative, focusing primarily on loose-fitting tunics and floor-length skirts. However, over the past few decades, the trend has shifted towards more figure-flattering garments. This shift in fashion is particularly noticeable when you look at popular styles for women. Whereas many traditional outfits cut straight down the middle, leaving little to the imagination, newer fashions embrace curves and emphasize the feminine shape.

Additionally, colours are becoming bolder and brighter, with an emphasis on jewel tones like teal and maroon. Overall, it seems that the Arabian style of clothing is evolving to reflect changing cultural norms and contemporary beauty ideals. Whether or not this trend continues to grow in popularity remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: change is definitely in the air!

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Last Say

So, what type of Arabian clothing for women is your favourite? Do you prefer the traditional Abaya or a more modern Thobe? Whichever style you choose, be sure to take advantage of Sivvi offers with amazing selection and affordable prices. With our help, you can look stylish and elegant while staying within your budget. Don’t wait – start shopping today!


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