The HEALTH That Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

Unhealthy body image

The old saying goes, Healthy people don’t need doctors, and there is some truth to that statement. But in order to stay healthy, you need to know what steps you can take every day to stay ahead of the curve and avoid becoming sick or injured. While some types of health problems can be prevented by simply taking better care of yourself, there are still certain things that can be done in advance to make sure that your whole body stays healthy and your immune system stays strong enough to fight off anything life might throw your way.

Millennials are entering their prime spending years

This year, millennials will have more than $1 trillion in buying power. And that’s a big deal for businesses. With their healthy habits and preference for online shopping, millennials are poised to change consumer culture in many ways—from how people eat to where they shop. Now, as younger consumers become more financially independent, brands need to take action if they want to remain competitive. But many companies aren’t prepared for these changes just yet, which is why it’s essential that business leaders do their part to stay ahead of change—especially when it comes to health and wellness.

HEALTH adds value

Regardless of what your business is, if you can incorporate health into it (even in a small way), you will appeal to customers who care about their health faeriebliss. Businesses that are great at keeping their customers healthy will always be sought after. Knowing how to add value by helping others live healthier, more fulfilling lives is always a smart strategy for any entrepreneur. In other words, adding value is not just giving people something they need or want; it’s giving them something they never knew they needed or wanted. This doesn’t mean that when you work on your business you should only focus on yourself and never on your customer but rather think of ways to make changes that benefit both parties—you can only stay ahead of your competitors with customer-centricity!


Unhealthy body image is on the rise

There’s a lot more to food than it simply being tasty. Food can also be healthy, and health is an important part of any lifestyle for optimal living. The way you eat can impact your lifespan, weight, energy levels, mood and more. While eating right isn’t always easy, it makes sense to invest in healthy fare. It has been shown that a person can save thousands on medical bills alone over their lifetime by committing to a healthy diet early on. If you want to win customers’ loyalty and boost your bottom line over time, serving up healthier food options is an attractive option.

Consumers want to buy from brands they trust

That’s been true for years, and it’s even more true today. According to Consumer Reports, 82% of shoppers base their buying decisions on brand trust, rather than price or product quality. Of those, 48% are primarily looking for a good value when they shop—and that doesn’t mean low prices. Rather, they’re concerned with ensuring their hard-earned dollars buy something that will last over time, whether that’s through durability or excellence in service and support. Trust is earned by doing what you say you’ll do—consistently.

Break down barriers

Customers want convenience, and they’re willing to pay for it. When you’re working with natural products that don’t require preservatives or long-term storage methods, think about how you can make your products more convenient for customers. For example, you could offer biodegradable packaging with a longer shelf life that is compostable. Having packaging options makes it easier for customers to do business with you and helps them dispose of your products in a way that fits into their busy lifestyles.

Offer something new

Health as a marketing tactic is making waves across industries—and why not? It’s simple, cost-effective and powerful. The best way to get started is by offering something new: Think locally sourced products or services that your customers may not be able to find elsewhere. It’s a tried-and-true method for building a loyal customer base—one that sticks around when sales slump. For example, KIND bars launched with only five flavors and one variety of bar in 2004. Since then they have expanded their offerings to more than 30 varieties sold in over 35 countries worldwide—all because they offer something new that customers want. To win over health-conscious consumers who want what you have, consider expanding your product line and adding value to existing offerings with additional features like organic ingredients or a gluten-free option. Whatever you do, make sure it’s memorable: If you add these kinds of perks without brand awareness in place first, it will fall flat on its face (or taste buds). Start slow so that once your brand hits critical mass you can continue capitalizing on its momentum.

Multiply your efforts

Health and wellness should be a top priority for any business, not just because it’s good PR but because studies have shown that healthier employees are more productive. A company with a fit workforce can also spend less on sick days. In addition to offering initiatives like on-site gym memberships or free fruit at all of your events, you can create incentives for employees who maintain healthy habits. This could mean as little as giving them 10 extra paid vacation days if they complete 30 exercise minutes per day for four months straight—or it could mean giving them a pay increase if they improve their health metrics. Either way, encouraging healthy behaviors makes sense both morally and financially. Incentivize your staff!


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