The Truth About Kratom Strains Revealed!


Love kratom? Most of us do! It’s an herb that makes you fall in love with it. One amazing feature of this tropical evergreen tree is that you get three different strains from the same tree!

Red, green, and white kratom have distinct properties; yet they are derived from the same kratom tree.

Many people, who are new to using kratom and are still upgrading their knowledge about herbs, may think these are different kratom trees. As they buy kratom in Mississippi, they think they are using different kratoms when they choose different strains.

The truth is: that each strain of kratom is derived at different stages of maturity of the tree. So, they are different, yet come from the same tree.

White strain

White strain signifies the leaves are harvested at the young stage of the tree. At this stage, the central vein of the leaves is white. So, it is called white strain.

This is not an entire white color kratom, as some people might think!

White strains are famous for their stimulating effect. This is because, at the young stage, leaves have a higher concentration of mitragynine alkaloid.

Take this strain and you will get a kick of energy that lasts for several hours. You also feel mentally alert, lively, euphoric, more productive and focused, and simply happy.

The strain is great for people who often have a confused mind. This type of kratom brings about mental clarity.

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But mind you, take it in a small dose. White strain in higher doses produces an opposite effect. It sedates!

Green strain

Green strain signifies the leaves are harvested at the mid-maturity stage of the tree. At this stage, the central vein of leaves turns green. So, it is known as green strain.

Don’t expect green-colored kratom powder or capsules here!

Green strains are known for their balanced effect. This is because, at this stage, the leaves have a balanced concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids.

Green are mild strains, perfect for beginners, although beginners can use white strain the first time. Just keep it to a low dose. Even in the case of green, start with small.

Green strain gives you just the right amount of energy boost, happy feeling, alertness, and calmness of mind. This helps you take on the day’s challenges with a calm and composed mind.

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Red strain

Red strain signifies the leaves are harvested at the final maturity stage of the tree. At this stage, the central vein of leaves turns red. So, it is called red strain.

Again, this isn’t a red color kratom!

Red strains are known for their sedating effect. This is the best kratom for mood relaxation. At this stage, the 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid is at its peak concentration.

Red strains are great pain relievers, sleep inducers, relaxers, and soothers. They are a great thing to have just before going to bed or coming back from a hard day at the office.


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