The Ultimate Guide To SSN Trace

SSN trace

An SSN trace is a comprehensive search of the applicant’s name and address history. This information comes from different sources, including public utility records, credit card companies, and voter records. A thorough SSN trace will reveal whether the applicant has previously lived in a state or city. It can also reveal any other information pertinent to hiring the applicant.

Social Security Number

An SSN trace can tell you many things about a person. For example, it can tell you where they’ve lived, how long they’ve lived there, and other important information. This information is not the same as a credit report, so you should not confuse it with your credit score.

While this information is valuable, it’s important to remember that it is not always reliable. For example, the information on social security number reports is often inaccurate or incomplete. It’s also challenging to know how many years the information relates to.

State Of Issuance

The state of issuance is essential because it may contain information about previous addresses and names. In addition, the date and year of distribution are also necessary to determine the validity of an SSN.

Randomization is a new way of assigning SSNs. As a result, an individual’s name and address may differ from those in the SSN, resulting in a mismatch. In cases where the name and address of a person do not match, Social Security Trace can be used to find the name and address of the individual.

Address History

An SSN Trace is a search for an individual’s past address history using their social security number. It can provide information up to thirty years back. The social security administration processes the data and provides a match or no-match response. It is beneficial in criminal background checks. Applicants with something to hide aren’t going to give their entire criminal history.

An applicant may use a relative or friend’s address for many years. Or they may not have applied for credit while at the address. This lack of address history can taint the social trace. This is particularly common with younger applicants or recent immigrants who have not yet established credit history.

The foundation of a reliable pre-employment background check is understanding the alias names and addresses that may be associated with an individual’s social security number. In addition, a background check must be thorough and cover the proper jurisdictions. SSN Trace can also confirm a person’s age and past address. The data can also be used to verify employment history and criminal records.

Criminal Records

A criminal records check she is critical to validate an individual’s identity, particularly if you have concerns about their background. You can find information such as previous addresses and employers, aliases, and if they have committed crimes. Using a criminal record check is cost-effective and can help you to confirm the information given by an applicant.

The SSN trace will also help you discover whether a candidate has previously used several names. Around 50,000 people change their names yearly for many reasons, such as adoption or anglicizing their name after moving to the US. This information can help you expand your criminal history search by uncovering people who’ve changed their names to hide their previous identities. This knowledge can also help verify employment and education history.

An essential piece of information that social security trace provides is the applicant’s name and address history. Social security number tracing also gives you jurisdiction-specific information. You can conduct criminal record searches in specific states, counties, or districts. You can also perform searches by maiden names. The only caveat to this is that your search should include any additional names that may be related to the applicant’s social security number.


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