Things You Need to Know About Heavy-Duty Casters

Heavy-Duty Casters

Whether you’re planning to purchase heavy-duty casters for your warehouse or other industrial applications, you should know a few things. First, you should know about the different casters types and what to expect from each. It would be best if you also understood the importance of brakes and kingpins and how to use them.

A swivel bearing

Besides supporting and guiding heavy loads, a swivel bearing for heavy duty casters can also be used to add to the wheel’s lifespan. These wheels can be made of various materials, including thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane, and steel. They also come in multiple shapes and sizes to meet the needs of any industrial environment.

A heavy-duty industrial casters’ swivel bearing uses various technologies to achieve optimal steerability. The ball track design ensures the wheel will move smoothly and efficiently under normal usage conditions. The sealed washer helps keep debris out and retains bearings. Finally, the Spanner Bushing, a non-rotating sleeve of hardened steel tubing, provides a smooth inner raceway for the wheel roller bearings.

A kingpin

Choosing the best kingpin for heavy-duty casters can be important for specific applications. Kingpins are used to keep critical components of a caster together. If a kingpin is improperly designed, it can become a failure point for the caster. It can also cause deformity and damage to the ball bearings.

Kingpins are prone to shearing under load. As the kingpin deforms, it may loosen the nut, making it challenging to swivel the caster. It is especially true when a caster is moving at high speeds.

Swivel casters have two basic designs. The first uses a kingpin to lock the top plate and lower race. The second type of caster doesn’t use a heavyweight but instead uses a full scale with an integrated, more inferior race. It allows the swivel section to swivel more easily. It also requires less maintenance.

A brake

Whether loading equipment or moving a cart, a brake for heavy-duty casters will help prevent injuries. There are several alternatives available. It’s essential to learn about the different kinds and choose the best one for your application.

The ideal brake for heavy-duty casters is a total lock brake. It locks the caster’s wheels and swivels section, keeping it stationary and secure. A complete lock brake is typically made from rust-resistant thermoplastics and fastened to the caster by a gripping ridge.

The single-side lock brake is another popular choice. It’s dependable and works best on wheels between six and twelve inches in diameter. To activate the brake, you turn the screw by hand.

Medium-duty caster wheels for medical equipment

Unlike casters used for home applications, casters for medical equipment are designed for moderately heavy loads. They are usually used in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food processing plants, medical equipment, animal cages, and chemical factories.

Medical casters are available in several different designs and styles. Some include a round plain stem, top plate, grip ring system, and bright polished chrome finishing. In addition, they are available in various wheel sizes and swivel radii. They have a maximum load-bearing capacity of 220 pounds.

Stainless casters for medium-duty medical equipment are ideal for medical devices, utility carts, institutional equipment, and most food service carts. They are wash-down friendly and can be used in wet environments. They are available in various sizes, including 3-1/8 inches to 6-7/16 inches in wheel diameter. They also feature double-ball raceways for smooth swivel action.

Hospitality and hotel industry

They are using heavy-duty casters in a hotel or hospitality facility. These items can save time and reduce the hassle of moving equipment from one location to another. The right ones can also be a boon to a hotel or hospitality facility with a smaller footprint.

Casters are commonplace in the hotel business, but some are designed specifically for these establishments. Some more discerning hotels will use these items to ensure their guests enjoy a smooth and comfortable stay.


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