Top 10 Best Coworking Space in Chandigarh 


Chandigarh is the first planned modern city in India designed by famous French architect Le Corbusier. Apart from being a union territory, it serves as the joint capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana. This city has the highest per capita income in the country. Also known as “City Beautiful”, Chandigarh is a tourist paradise with Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Rose Garden and the architectural marvel Capital Complex. 

As more companies embrace hybrid work, the coworking space fills a unique void. Collaboration is the biggest driver in the further evolution of how, where and when we work. Let’s take a closer look at the Coworking Space in Chandigarh.

  1. Kaksh Caryakshetra,Chandigarh

‘City Beautiful Chandigarh’ is a crest very close to our hearts. With a desire to preserve & enhance the uniquely beautiful character of our city and to build more than beautiful, cohesive & lively office space, we have very passionately conceptualized & created CaryaKshetra.

Phone No: +91 94175 00062

  1. Pounce That Coworking Space, Chandigarh

Located in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, PounceThat Coworking Space is a collaborative workspace in Chandigarh. It is a serene place where talented working professionals can learn, work and grow together. You can book day passes for you and your team under budget. No distractions and less noise make this workspace one of the most preferred choices among the hardworking professionals. 

Phone No: +91 94174 85864 

  1. Startup in a box Sector-67, Chandigarh

Startup In a Box is a vibrant workspace located in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar. Spread over 9,000 sq.ft., it offers various seating options – Dedicated Desks, Fully Furnished Private Cabins packed with top-notch amenities such as High-Speed Wifi, Tea/Coffee, Library, Lobby, Parking Space and Conference Rooms for team and client meetups. So, be quick and work in the most attractive launchpad to take off your startup. 

Phone No: +91 97792 41818

  1. Workaholics Workzone,Chandigarh

Workaholics Workzone is for all the workaholics out there who need their personal space to work, an energy drink, and a healthy work environment to start with their work. The era of traditional and that clingy office space is gone. Let’s cherish our present moment in the coworking setup and cheers to working with people from different backgrounds. This bold and millennial-friendly coworking space is located in Chandigarh, i.e. the “Garden City”. 

  1. Wotta Workspace Coworking,Chandigarh

Wotta Workspace Coworking is an innovative workspace. It provides flexible seating options including hot desks, dedicated desks, private cabins and day passes. Along with plug n play facilities, it boasts of an amazing collaborative and interactive working environment. It is well-equipped with space resources such as meeting rooms, phone booths, conference rooms, workstations and much more that a business needs to work smoothly.

Phone No: +91 95013 40429

  1. The Groove Phase 7, Chandigarh

The Groove, Mohali is a vibrant workspace constantly endeavouring to help startups run professionally. This well-designed workspace offers hot desks, dedicated desks and private cabins under economic price range. It boasts state of the art amenities such as power backup, air conditioning, housekeeping, parking facilities, security, business grade wifi, beverages, pantry, modern interiors, furniture, printing facilities, meeting rooms, reception area and much more. 

Phone No: 91 90410 98989 

  1. StartHub Nation HQ,Chandigarh

Starthub Nation, Mohali is one of the best coworking spaces. You can choose hot desks, dedicated desks, public cabins and day passes for you and your team as per your business needs. If you are a startup, freelancer or an established enterprise looking for coworking space then this is the place for you. It boasts state of the art amenities such as housekeeping, air conditioning, power backup, free internet access, high-level security 

Phone No: +91 84484 49918

  1. SpaceJam Coworking,Chandigarh

SpaceJam Coworking  is one of the most elegant and vibrant coworking spaces. It offers flexible seating options including hot desks, dedicated desks and private cabins for varied business types and team sizes. With fast-speed internet connectivity, furniture, modern interiors, spacious meeting rooms, high-level security, air conditioning and all other world class amenities, it proves to be a dream workspace 

Phone No: +91 98559 87001

  1. Workcave,Chandigarh

Workcave is a productive and elegant workspace located in Sector-37C, Chandigarh. The seating plan comprises Hot Desks, Dedicated Desks and Premium Private Cabins packed with state of the art amenities such as High-Speed Wifi, Unlimited Tea, Coffee, Printer, Scanner, Ergonomic Chairs and Innovative Meeting/Conference Rooms. 

Phone No: +91 9447325886

  1. The Hive Co Working and Business Center,Chandigarh

If you are looking for a fun and casual yet professional workspace, you must head over to The Hive- Business Centre, Chandigarh. It is a well-furnished and fully-managed coworking space. It provides premium hot desks, dedicated desks and private cabins equipped with all the modern amenities. Join the community of hardworking and creative individuals. 

Phone No: +91 76967 07726



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