Top 6 Ideas To Make Your Raksha Bandhan Celebration Extra Special

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a day that celebrates the most unique bond in the world- the one you share with your sibling. The day your dear brother announces a temporary ceasefire to celebrate the love he feels for you, deep down! The day is always celebrated in traditional ways with all its rituals, no matter how different they are in different cultures, and that is the beauty of it. However, today we wanna suggest you some ways through which you can make your Raksha Bandhan celebration extra special. Now, do not think for once that we are asking you to replace the long-established customs of this amazing festival. But who said you could not get creative with some big and small surprises to make it even better for your sibling and even your entire family. So, embark with us on a small readable journey to make the day full of love, laughter and family. 

Prepare Some Sweets At Home

One thing that remains constant in every Indian festive celebration is Meethai! No festival is complete without the involvement of some rasgullas, gulab jamuns and, of course, Kaju katli. These sweets rule the heart of everyone, so how about making them yourself this time?. The best way would be to invite your brother and/or sister to cook with you for the entire family as a treat. It can be a bonding opportunity for everyone involved, and you will surely have some fun. Even if you are not a wizard in the kitchen, we would suggest you give this a try; you never know; you may get to know about a hidden talent.

Prepare a Customised Rakhi

The market is filled with gorgeous rakhis, but the emotional value of a personalised rakhi can not be explained in words. Your brother would know just how much you care about his happiness as you went to such lengths. A customised rakhi is easy to find at many gifting stores, or you can take out some time for the day and make a rakhi for him yourself. This sounds like a tedious task but just imagine how happy your bro would be with it. Now, it seems worth it, doesn’t it?

Plan An Outing

Spending time with your family, laughing and creating memories is no less than the therapy itself. So, you should use this holiday to get out of the home for a day-long trip with your entire family. It’s the perfect time for that; everyone is at home, they all are in a great mood, and you have the entire day to yourself. Look for a place nearby where you can do some activities together, and just get set and go!

Family Dinner

Now, for some reason, if an outing for the whole day is not possible, then do not lose heart over it. The night is still yours! Plan a family dinner and create the same kinda memories with those whom you love the most. You can either go to a nearby restaurant, or in case you dont feel like getting out of your lovely home, then just order in. Consider what everyone in your family likes, and place an order from the place you all like. Set up the dinner table in a fancy manner for the added touch and your surprise dinner all executed. 

Decorate Your Home

Unlike Diwali, interior decoration for Raksha Bandhan is not that popular, but to get into the festive mood; it’s highly recommended. We are not suggesting that you go all out like Diwali, but some new flowers and lights will look absolutely stunning. You can also change your curtains and sheets to give a fresher look to your house. 

Movie Night

Because of how busy we all are, it’s been months for most of us since we sat down with our family to watch a movie. So, this Raksha Bandhan, plans a movie night for your entire family. All you gotta do is move some furniture to make space on the floor for everyone. Spread some mattresses on the floor for comfort, drop some blankets and pillows on top, then place some snacks and beverages on the sides for everyone, and that’s it! You are in for a great movie night with everyone you love. 

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