Top 6 Types of Plumbers & Their Services

Top 6 Types of Plumbers & Their Services

Did you know that there are over 6 types of plumbers, and they all provide unique plumbing services? Depending on your plumbing requirements, plumbers in Narre Warren will vary significantly. Each of these plumbers has specific skills and is experienced in providing plumbing solutions of various kinds. Therefore, before you hire a plumber, it’s crucial to know the services offered by various plumbers so that you contact the right person for the job.

The blog discusses 6 different types of plumbers and the services they offer. Read on to find out!

Types of Plumbers & Their Services

1. Residential Plumbers:

If you are a private homeowner, you may require the plumbing services offered by a residential plumber. The services offered by a residential plumber include installing, repairing and maintaining toilets, showers, water pipes, drains, sinks, etc. Residential plumbers are also responsible for handling HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems and water heaters. Such residential plumbers usually work with a small team or alone.

A residential plumber offers the following types of plumbing services in Narre Warren:

  • Plumbing installation systems and piping work include installing PVC, copper, iron, or PEX pipes for homes. Moreover, they are also responsible for home plumbing renovation work.
  • They are responsible for Installing, servicing or repairing a plumbing system at your home. They are also skilled at fixing plumbing fixtures for single or multi-family homes.
  • If you need water or gas pipe installation, residential plumbers are your go-to people.
  • They are skilled at detecting and fixing any plumbing-related problem at your home, including a burst water pipe, low water pressure, a clogged drain, etc.

2. Commercial Plumbers:

If you own a commercial establishment, you will require the services offered by a commercial plumber. They are responsible for all the plumbing-related activities in businesses, restaurants, factories, office buildings, shops, hospitals, and much more. Moreover, unlike residential plumbers, commercial plumbers often work in large teams of two or more members to complete commercial plumbing tasks on time. Commercial plumbing projects are usually for bigger buildings and commercial establishments. Therefore, plumbing companies send more than two plumbers for such large enterprises, to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

The list of the tasks Plumbing services in Narre Warren would assist you with are as follows:

  • Pipe installation and water tank installation for large commercial set-ups.
  • Installation of waste removal systems and water systems. They dig trenches and insert pipes to connect buildings to local sewage systems or water reservoirs.
  • They provide regular plumbing maintenance services to commercial establishments. They are your emergency troubleshooters who will repair any plumbing-related damages in the system in no time.

3. Municipal/Utility Plumbers:

Another type of plumber is a municipal or utility plumber who works for the state or local governments. Such plumbers are responsible for maintaining the sewer and the water system and gas lines in the area (towns or cities). Government allocates municipal plumbers for specific plumbing tasks, and they work in crews of two or more members to complete the tasks on time, as per the size and complexity of the plumbing projects.

Utility plumbers will repair leaks based on the priority of how big or small the impact of the leak is on people and the streets. In emergencies, when the main pipe leak is classified as important,  a repair crew advances to resolve the issue as soon as possible so that there is the least inconvenience to the passers-by or people living in the area. Such emergency repairs usually take less than 8 hours for the repair. Moreover, if a leak is small, the repair process is queued, and the non-emergency plumbing breaks take one to seven days to be repaired.

4. Industrial Plumbers:

Industrial plumbers are similar to commercial plumbers; however, the former works on plumbing systems that are of a much larger scale. The plumbing-related activities in factories, power plants, chemical plants, etc., are looked after by industrial plumbers. Industrial plumbers work in teams of many crew members owing to the large size and complexity of projects. Moreover, industrial plumbers work on larger-scale plumbing issues in office buildings, apartment buildings, businesses, industrial sites and more. Therefore, industrial plumbers perform the same tasks as residential or commercial plumbers but at a larger scale.

5. Pipe Fitting Plumbers:

Another type of plumber is a pipefitter who specialises in installing, repairing, and maintaining pipes that carry gas or liquids at high pressures. Pipe fitting plumbers are responsible for assembling, repairing, installing, and maintaining pipes that carry chemicals and gases or pipe systems that generate electricity or heat. They work with pipe systems that handle high-pressure materials. While other plumbers mostly deal with water or water-based systems, pipefitters commonly handle pipe systems that carry various substances, including chemicals. Most of these systems endure higher pressure and are made with heavy-duty materials like metal.

6. Sprinkler Fitting Plumbers:

Sprinklerfitters are plumbers who specialise in fire sprinkler system installation in buildings such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, and much more. Moreover, sprinkler fitters also work in large teams owing to the size and complexity of their plumbing systems. Many companies manufacture different types of systems and fittings that are compatible with their everyday needs. They require sprinkler fitting plumbers to install interchangeable fittings in their buildings.

Final Wrap

These were the six different types of plumbers in Melbourne and their services. Homeowners or commercial establishment owners must hire a licensed and trained professional experienced in the plumbing tasks of specific projects. If you have any plumbing-related project, you can contact your local plumbers of various types to assist you in the specific plumbing tasks depending on the requirement.


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