Top Apps You Need to Install When Moving to a New City

Top apps

Moving to a different metropolitan can be quite a stressful experience for the average person. However, with the right amount of resources, anybody can make a smooth transition to a new city. To prevent your big move from becoming a horrendous experience, we recommend that you download some of the apps mentioned below. Although, all states recommend some of their top internet picks. But if you are already using a fantastic service like Wave Internet, just visit its website to find out if it is available in the new city you are moving to. If that’s not the case, then we recommend that you check the most recommended ISPs in the area. Meanwhile, read on to find out which top apps, will help you with the big move!


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Foursquare City Guide and Google Maps

Besides finding an app to find a decent place to stay, users may also need to find a decent place to eat, shop, work, and socialize. This is where the Foursquare City Guide comes in handy, as you can search for different things based on your personal preferences. Additionally, users can also go through the various recommendations based on reviews, influencer choices, or even local brands. In addition to this, the app updates the user when a new eatery opens or some new brand outlet is gearing for a mega opening in the city.


On the other hand, Google Maps is great, if you still haven’t learned your way around and are constantly fumbling with street directions. Not only is the map accurate, but it is also the perfect app to carry, especially when you are wandering in a new city. It’s also the one app that you should always have, irrespective of where you go in the world. Most mobile devices have this app installed by default. However, if your smartphone doesn’t have the app, download it today. Unlike Foursquare City Guide, this one only shows streets, routes, and directions. And can also be used if you want to look up the route of a destination in advance.


Nextdoor: Your Neighborhood

The Nextdoor app is a great app to begin, especially if you are in a new neighborhood and don’t know many people in the city. The app connects users to the neighborhood where they may want to rent or purchase property, both on a long-term or temporary basis. While allowing them to find out the latest happenings taking place in the area. What’s more, is that users can also use the Nextdoor app search to find out popular outlets, shops, restaurants, sales, etc. within a specific community. Residents around the country and even abroad turn to the Nextdoor app so that they can receive reliable information, give and get assistance.


While building trustworthy connections with people living close by their property, be it local businesses, neighbors, or public services form a strong community bond. The app also allows users to create their own personal/private events, so whether you want to throw a housewarming party to meet the new neighbors, want to set up a garage sale to let go of all old stuff, ask for recommendations regarding job or nanny, this app will be of great help to you. The Nextdoor app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS free of cost.


Uber and WalkScore

Uber is one app that is perfect no matter where you are traveling in the world. It allows the user to call and request a ride, without ever worrying about reaching the wrong destination. In addition to this, the app offers a reasonable fare in comparison to the local taxi fares, which can be quite costly. Moreover, the app notifies the user when they have reached their location. On the other hand, the app WalkScore is quite nifty, especially if you enjoy exploring a new place by walking everywhere. The app gives you a score and tells you if an area is walkable or not. A great resource to help users plan their daily transportation and commute budget.



This app is similar to Meetup, as it keeps the user updated with timely city updates and local news. The app may also help users look for schools if they have young kids, look for jobs if they quit the previous one, and keep an eye on local announcements that can affect people living in the area, such as places to avoid due to high rates of street crime or monthly deals on services/at the mall. Users have the option to follow several cities on the app. This way they will have info in advance about the city they are moving to or may want to keep up with the city they have left. This app is available on both IOS and Android phones.


DIYables and Instructables

One of the most unfortunate things that can often happen when we move to a new city is that our stuff may break or we may misplace several important parts, because of manhandling. Both these apps are great if you enjoy DIY repair, now and then. Not only does following the steps as outlined by these apps save the user some money, but these are also great, especially if they may not know any repair person in the new city. What’s more is that, if you are looking for some inspiration for your next upcycling project, then there are plenty of tutorials on the app that can ensure you DIY success.


Wrapping Up

These apps are some great tools for you to download to minimize the multiple challenges when moving to another city. Although the big move may daunt you if equipped with the right tools, most of your daily chores and tasks can easily be managed.


Furthermore, these apps are meant to help you adjust to a new area while also ensuring that the experience doesn’t spook you but in fact, is enjoyable, far more than you expected. So download these apps now!


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