Planning a Vacation? Try bus Tours in Huntington, West Virginia for a Unique Experience

Tours in Huntington

Huntington was founded in 1871 after the completion of the railroad through the area. Thereafter, the town and railroad depot was named after Collis Potter Huntington, the founder of the railroad company that built the railroad here.

However, settlement in and around the city had started much earlier in 1799 with the arrival of the first French settlers in the area known as Guyandotte.

When you set out to experience the sights and sounds of Huntington, there is obviously a lot more than meets the eye.

You will find lively shopping and dining spots in the downtown district to the heritage sites such as museums and recreational destinations like parks and outdoor destinations.

Now you just need to find reliable West Virginia bus tours to manage your vacation for the time and budget that you are able to commit to the tour.

A brief overview of the city

It is the second-largest city in West Virginia and the seat of Cabell County with a population of around 45,000 currently which recently dropped from a peak of 50,000.

Huntington is located off Interstate-64 and on the banks of the Ohio River where it meets the Guyandotte River. This led to the establishment of the Port of Huntington Tri-state, which is the second-largest inland port in the country.

It is a historic city known for its heavy industries and commercial enterprise and is also well-known for the scenic beauty of its surroundings which are part of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Huntington lies at the crossroads of the traditional geographical division of the United States. It is sometimes referred to as the “southernmost” frontier of the north and the “northernmost” frontier of the south.

If you are ready for Huntington, WV, just ask around, “Are there any bus trips near me that could take me to the city of Huntington?”

Places to see and things to do in Huntington

Heritage and history: You could begin your trip with a visit to the Huntington Museum of Art which was opened to the public in 1952.

Among other things, it has West Virginia’s only tropical and sub-tropical plant conservatory, a coral reef aquarium, and a two-mile-long hiking trail.

Try and visit the Heritage Farm Museum and Village for more authentic knowledge about Huntington. You will be enriched with knowledge about the city and a lot more.

The Huntington, WV bus tours that you use, should be able to optimize your trip well enough to include the must-see destinations.

Parks and recreation: When in Huntington, you just cannot miss the vast expanse of Rotary Park which offers acres of hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, and a lot more.

Then there is Camp Mad Anthony Wayne which offers acres of space for hiking trails and fishing. It also has a historic Boy Scout Lodge built-in 1932 that makes the trip more special.

Pay your respects at the Veterans Memorial Park where they have created space for a picnic shelter for which you need to make a prior booking.

There is a lot to look forward to in terms of music fests and concerts as well as annual events and fairs depending on which part of the year you visit Huntington.

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