Types of Commercial Construction


Commercial construction is all around us.  Residential construction deals with single-family homes and related structures.  Commercial construction is basically everything else.  Both forms of construction are similar, but there are points where their methods and needs are extremely different.  We will explore some of the different types of commercial buildings and construction that we encounter every day.


Retail is one of the first areas that come to mind.  A clothier, toy store, antiques shop, a cobbler, and other diverse businesses are all in the same general area.  This can be a short block or strip mall or a multi-story department store.  The general layout, especially the exterior, should present an inviting and comfortable place to spend time.

Often an anchor in outdoor malls is a grocery store.  This is a similar approach but with the necessity of major electrical for the freezers and cold bins as well as shelving and storage.


Restaurants come in cozy bistros, or a franchise of a chain, or a specialty cafe.  They distinguish themselves by their menu and décor.  In their design, innovation comes to the forefront.  However, they have additional regulations and codes to meet.  The kitchen must also meet safety standards and the employees must be able to work efficiently.

Lodgings are largely hotels and motels.  This includes access issues, comfort, and privacy.  Some of these construction projects are boilerplate in design, but larger structures will need an experienced hand.  Sound-proofing is probably one of the major concerns as well as incorporating amenities that have come to be expected by the traveller.


We are all familiar with office buildings.  They can be a storefront functional facility to multi-story, or even a skyscraper.  Each requires its own special touch to incorporate the restroom facilities, technological need and versatility for expansions or reduction in staff.

Industrial buildings are very unique.  They usually have machines and equipment, storage areas, loading docks, and other niches.  They still need to be wired for technology, but many rooms may need increased ceiling height or rooms specially designed for their operation (like a clean room).  Each industry will have its own safety issues to address.

At some time or other, we will all need the services of a medical facility.  This can be a large hospital or a simple clinic.  Accessibility is a major concern, as well as privacy.  There may be a need for high-tech equipment like x-rays or MRI machines.  They need access to sanitation and possibly specialty areas.

Athletics is big business.  From children enjoying a game of soccer or an ice skating rink or a training center, they are all important and require special attention.  There could be a need for seating or for rehab or pools.  Everything will probably be customized to the particular sports venue.

As you can tell, commercial renovation companies in Calgary handle projects varied in nature and size.  The construction company you choose should be well versed in a variety of techniques and be aware of where to go for permits, inspections, and zoning information.  They will carry through your vision with good communication from all parties.



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