Upgrading Your Front Yard for Greater Curb Appeal

Front Yard

An empirical study based on curb appeal and its contribution to property valuation showed that a unit increase in the attractiveness of the curb appeal is associated with an 8% increase in the value of a house. Keeping the statistics in mind, it’s safe to say that a house that has an attractive exterior might impress people more than a house that looks simple in its design. 

Whether you’ve got guests coming over, buyers coming in to invest, or just people walking by your house, your front yard is something they notice immediately. If you’ve got a properly trimmed garden with great outdoor landscaping lighting and patio furniture that accentuates the theme – people will automatically assume a higher value for the house. 

Improving your house’s curb appeal isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Here are some great ideas you can incorporate to create the perfect front yard décor this year. 

Add Plants and Colors 

Plain, simple, and dull entrances often look off-putting and fail to impress guests and investors alike. So, what can you do to improve the overall appearance of your front yard? Adding colors and some diversity to the overall look can help you accentuate the entire property. 

While many people will automatically jump towards unique paint colors to redefine their front yards, you can always make minute changes, like adding colorful plants and flowers to your landscape. 

Use planters and pots with colorful, seasonal flowers to add a little personality to the overall property. 

Replace Old Dingy Doors 

A broken, old, and dingy entrance or fence door can completely ruin the aesthetic of a perfectly built house. You must replace your old wooden door with a stylish, modern, and sturdy iron or steel door to add extra ambiance to the front door. 

Choose one of the modern designs to make it look more appealing and impressive to your guests, investors, and neighbors. 

Improve the Seating Arrangement

Seating Arrangement

Many people don’t take the time to improve their porch areas and leave them unattended, empty, and boring. Instead of abandoning them entirely, a great way to enhance curb appeal is by adding a few chairs, tables, or other patio essentials to turn the whole thing around. 

You can use macramé pot holders, table mats, or rugs to give the entire porch area a pop of color and customization. You can add some indoor plants, wooden birdhouses, or a few wind chimes to make the space look homelier to anyone who passes by your property. 

Switch Your Mailbox 

Do you have a grand and modern house with aesthetic windows, a designer door, and a lot more that catches the eye? Now, imagine a broken, old, and rusted mailbox staring at whoever passes by your house. 

While the detail may seem trivial, a simple mailbox can completely change the overall look of the entrance of your home. If you’ve got an old mailbox ruining the aesthetic of your house, it’s time to replace it with a new one. You can even repaint the old mailbox if it’s still in good enough condition. 

Keep an Eye Out for Repairs 

People spend fortunes trying to perfect their interior décor and rarely put attention to the exterior. It’s important that you keep an eye open for external damages to your house, like peeled-off paint, broken windows, doors, or knobs. 

Maintain the Greenery

Maintain the Greenery 

Keeping your gardens and landscape green and fuller would be a great way to make your front yard look more attractive to people, investors, and more. Make sure you take out the extra weed and cut your grass properly. 

Enhance Outdoor Lighting 

The best way to turn around the overall appearance of your front yard is by using professional lighting. You can use a series of landscaping lights, string lights, or pathway lighting to make your house look well-lit and attractive to anyone who crosses the property. A well-lit house can make your house more secure, attractive, and lively. 

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About the Author 

Crystal Jeffery is a home décor expert focusing on interior and exterior design. She’s been writing about plants, décor, and lighting since her early teenage years, and her experience helped shape her career. 

She writes for popular décor magazines that talk about exterior decoration for houses, commercial properties, and more. She even maintains a regular blog where she talks about the projects she works on and issues how-to guides to help other homeowners.

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