Ways to Fix Scratches on Glasses


If you wear glasses, you know there is a right way to handle them, but sometimes you still drop them or bang them, and that’s when you need to learn how to get scratches out of glasses without damaging them. Luckily, these tips are easy to follow and will help you repair scratches on glasses safely.

Avoiding Baking Soda

It is best to avoid using baking soda to fix scratches on your glasses. This homemade remedy contains abrasive chemicals that erode protective coatings and warp your lenses. It may also cause headaches and make your vision worse. You should always visit your eye doctor if you notice any scratched areas on your lenses.

Another effective way to remove scratches is to use toothpaste. Using non-gel toothpaste that won’t damage your eyeglasses is recommended. You should apply the paste to the scratched area with soft circular movements and leave it on for a few seconds. Once you’re done, rinse the glasses with water and dry them with a clean cloth. Again, toothpaste is a cost-effective option and does not involve baking soda.

Avoiding Toothpaste

Many how-to articles suggest that toothpaste can repair scratches on glasses. They explain that the first step is to buff away the scratches with non-abrasive toothpaste. After that, you should apply something to the blemishes to fill them. Other suggestions include using furniture spray, car wax, or a silver polish to even out the surface of the glasses. One design director at sunglasses brands, Raen, has personally used this method.

If you’re using toothpaste to fix scratches on glasses, be careful not to rub it into the lens. Instead, gently rub it over the scratched surface with a soft cloth. If using toothpaste, avoid using abrasive materials on your lenses, such as granules or microbeads. Alternatively, you can use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface of your glasses.

Avoiding Sandpaper

Some how-to guides suggest using sandpaper to fix scratches on glasses. However, this technique will not work if your glasses have special coatings. In some cases, rubbing the scratch will remove more of the layer, making the scratch larger. In other cases, you can use non-abrasive toothpaste to polish the scratches away. Alternatively, apply car wax or furniture spray on the scratched area. Silver polish can also be used to make the surface of the glasses even.

You can also try glass etching solutions to remove the scratches. Although these remedies can reduce the visibility of scratches, they can damage the coatings of the lens. This process may also require a lot of time.

Applying Furniture Spray

Applying furniture spray to fix scratches on glasses can be a simple way to restore your glasses’ shiny finish. The spray acts like wax and can last several days. Another alternative is applying furniture polish to the scratched area. If you don’t have furniture polish, you can purchase it at your local hardware store.

Furniture polish can also be applied to scratched lenses. First, rub the product into the marked area using a soft cloth. Then, wipe away the excess. Make sure to use a lint-free cloth to wipe away any leftover product.

Using Etching Cream

If you’re looking for a fast way to fix scratches on glasses, you might want to try etching cream. However, it would help if you kept in mind that the product could ruin your glasses. Using etching cream on plastic or polycarbonate lenses is not recommended because it can eat through these protective coatings. It is also essential to use plastic gloves when applying the cream.

The first step in applying the etching cream is to clean the glass. It is essential to remove fingerprints and isopropyl alcohol from the glass surface. Next, apply the stencil onto the glass using Transfer Tape. Start by placing the tape with the adhesive side down. Next, lightly burn the design. Once satisfied with the result, peel off the vinyl backing and carefully place the vinyl onto the glass.


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