Website Localisation Means Reaching The Foreign Market

Website Localisation

The process of Website Localisation involves adjusting the range of products offered by the company and then changing them to the given cultural conditions rather than just translating specific pages and articles. 

With the help of a website localisation service, you can make your website crystal clear for those who need to be polished. We provide a wide range of website translation services. 

But our particular attention is always on application translation, multimedia, and codes. Through the localisation and translation service of the website, it’s a golden opportunity to reach foreign markets and make worldwide clients.

Reach Clients Worldwide Through Website Localisation:

We translate and localise your website and applications, giving you reach to business partners worldwide. By doing this, you do foreign marketing of your products. Hence, we can translate your website or application into 100 languages with multiple combinations. 

Apart from that, we also have experts to work on multimedia and e-learning applications, in which you do localisation of graphical or dynamic content. 

Moreover, if you want a translation of audio or video recordings for foreign clients, we can also localise them. It doesn’t matter if you want to translate static or dynamic websites. Use HTML, XML, SGML, ASP, PHP, Flash, or others. Now you can adjust your content according to the local environment.

How Does Website Localisation Work?

You have two options, one in which you can localise by yourself, or you can even seek help from our professionals. If you think you have a good command of foreign languages, you can challenge yourself. Although if you think that your language skills should be better, then no doubt seek help from a professional translation agency like Skrivanek Translations to get your website translated will be good for you.  

However, you must understand that you can’t seek help from Google Translate or Microsoft Translator if you want your document to be error-free. 

This is why it is necessary to use a cooperator translator. We provide translation in dozens of languages, so if you are looking for an experienced translation agency, we will be perfect for you.

Process Of Website Localisation:

Translation of any website or application is done through a few steps, which have been written below:

  1.                   Inquiry about the given content.
  2.                   Analyze the source of the material.
  3.                   Prepare the schedule, plan the budget, and select the specialist.
  4.                   Develop the terminologies.
  5.                   Localisation of material into asked language.
  6.                   Done with linguistic proofreading.
  7.                   Adapt the content according to cultural region.
  8.                   Adjust the graphics and the final check.
  9.                   Get the customer analysis.
  10.               Technical testing before publishing.
  11.               Execute the order according to the client’s expected date.


It is important to remember that website localisation is more than just translating a website from one language to other. As it also gives your project a perfect look at that cultural region. 

Hence, localised website translation should be done professionally, although our professionals will translate your website in the right tone and without phrases. You may visit Languex Translation services if you require fast, accurate, and affordable language translation services.

If you want to expand your business into a foreign market, you have to understand their language. In that case, website translation will be perfect for you.


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