What advantages can organizations get from organization chart software?


What is the internal structure of your organization? Take a pause! Think about it. There are chances that you might be stuck at some point. Your business processes might be at risk, and you might not be aware of it due to missing the structure.

How will a SharePoint Org. Chart makes a difference? All you need is a clear vision of the hierarchy in the organization to provide a smooth workflow.

What is an organization chart?

It is a visual representation of the organizational hierarchy. With the right experts, you can chart your business structure and boost employees’ productivity. The main purpose of the organization chart is to provide a clear view of the job titles, internal roles, and responsibilities.

The uses of an organization chart are:

  • Management Structure: It helps display the relationship inside the firm and provides relevant information if needed.
  • Resource Planning: This helps understand where the firm requires more hiring and rearranging the roles.
  • Organizational Structure: Users get the freedom to showcase the working procedure of the firm in a structured format.
  • Planning Tool: They act as a source to visualize and plan the growth of the firm
  • Employee Directory: Provides information for each individual that makes connecting hassle-free.

This comes in handy in the organization where roles and responsibilities of the employee change at regular intervals. It enables clear communication by providing contact details and important information about each individual.

What are the different types of organization charts?

1.      Hierarchical

This is where one or more people are at the top, and then the people in the next line below them per their job position in the organization. This looks like a pyramid with people adjusted to their seniority and responsibility in the organization.

2.      Matrix

It is preferred when an organization has multiple managers. This SharePoint Organization Chart is helpful for medium – or large-scale organizations where different teams and projects report to their specific managers.

3.      Flat

It is also known as a horizontal organization chart. This has minimal or no levels of middle management. A typical one consists of just two groups: The top administrators and employees. This would be ideal for small-scale businesses where employees have more responsibilities and are directly involved in decision-making.

4.      Divisional

This reflects the organization based on geography or product line. Here every division has its functional structure and is independent of one another.

How to insert SharePoint Org. Chart in your site?

  • Go to the site where you plan to add the organization chart.
  • Click on Edit from the upper right section of the page and enter the editing mode
  • Hover on the section where you want to place the organization chart and then click on the + icon
  • Select the Organization Chart from the choices
  • You will be able to see the web part on the site
  • Update the title and insert the name of the user
  • Choose the user and click on the pen icon for further editing
  • Set the “Number of reporting levels up” as required
  • Then click on Republish to make things live
  • Click on the user to see the reporting person

How can you build a basic SharePoint organization chart?

1.      Define the scope

Understanding the “who’s who” concept in a business is important to ensure smooth workflow. Depending on their procedures, the firm must include contact details, email addresses, or photos. So, define the purpose of an organization chart.

2.      Collect Data

You may have old information for the base or an outdated org. The Chart can be a great beginning. But remember to collect information like contact details, job roles, and responsibilities to plan your workflow.

3.      Look for the right platform

Microsoft 365 apps have made your life easier by adding great features and functionalities using the right tool. Make sure you have an easy-to-use platform for building and displaying charts.

4.      Plan for updates

Things are meant to change in a growing organization. So, it is important to have a plan to make changes and keep the data efficiently on the chart.

What are the advantages of using SharePoint Org. Chart?

  • The right organization chart will display the ranking or hierarchy of the team members in the firm. Commonly there is a Head, reporting managers, and then the team. It will define the activities like coordination, supervision, and delegating tasks to achieve targets.
  • It guides the employees to understand their roles and responsibilities towards the organization. This is great for the new employee as they have a clear picture of their department and managers.
  • Re-organizing the team is something you can never ignore in the organization. The chart helps increase efficiency and provides better management by glancing at the department’s resources.
  • It is challenging for an organization to know which team or employee requires additional resources. The organization chart will coordinate the team by identifying the resource gaps that can be adjusted with other skilled resources.
  • Many firms have multiple locations and have difficulties managing the team members, projects, and responsibilities. Modern organization charts provide an opportunity for business leaders to provide information that helps in making informed decisions. Leaders have transparency which helps in boosting the team performance and efficiency.
  • SharePoint Organization chart has the ease of automatically syncing the data from the user profiles and displaying them in a structured method. Everything is possible whether you want to show your name, department, designation, or picture.

The End Note!

Break down your SharePoint Org. Chart into manageable pieces to make sure everything runs smoothly. SharePoint gives the freedom to have great colors and shapes for different levels or groups of employees.


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