What causes hormonal disorder in men and what are their effect on health


When we are children, in school, we dream of coming first in the class, our goal is to play and only play and eat tasty food. But as we grow and enter puberty in high school, we develop several changes in the body like heavy voice, hairs on the face and pubic region, muscular body, feeling of love and attraction being developed for any girl we see and have a little conversation. Why does this change happen in the body and mind? This is due to hormones in the body. Hormones are nothing but chemical messengers in the body secreted from endocrine in the bloodstream. While moving in the bloodstream they travel to different organs instructing them what to do.

Now the above changes of puberty in men occur due to testosterone or also known as a male hormone. Whereas in women the changes in puberty occur due to progesterone or also known as the female sex hormone. This is just one example where a hormone develops sexual changes in the body, there are several hormones that in totality control the entire biological process in the body such as digestion, assimilation, absorption, etc. So, any imbalance in the levels of any hormone can be unhealthy for you leading to men consuming Cenforce 200 wholesale and Vidalista 20. Imbalance means either there will be excess of any hormone or deficiency, either case is not good for you, and a balance must be struck.


Benign tumours in endocrine glands

Developing a kind of tumour in the endocrine glands may lead to hormonal imbalance in the body. Tumours when beginning too big may lead to excessive secretion of hormones from the endocrine than what is needed by the body. This will lead to unwanted changes that may or may not be healthy. These tumours if diagnosed in the initial stages can be prevented from becoming dangerous. Hence, it is advised to go for periodic medical check-ups. That way the doctor can diagnose any malfunction in the earliest stage.


Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is the situation when insulin levels in the blood drop to very low. Thus, the high sugar or glucose level in the blood is not taken care of and we suffer from diabetes. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas, and due to some reason, the pancreas stops secreting enough insulin. Symptoms of diabetes may include sudden weight loss, loss of energy, poor eyesight, joint pain, memory loss etc. The serious symptoms don’t occur instantly they occur when you don’t undergo treatment within time.

As for diabetes, there is no such permanent treatment that you would take a certain medication and get fully cured. Diabetes is a non-terminating or chronic disorder where you can only control its symptoms for a certain period. Hence, you would observe that diabetes patients have to take insulin shots periodically till the end of their lifetime.

Unhealthy diet

A lot of major health issues are directly or indirectly rooted in our unhealthy diet. For example, obesity, diabetes, even depression, Erectile Dysfunction and many others where the diet has a major role to play. And how will it not? After all, the diet is the one that provides the body energy to do other work. Hence, the quality of diet will surely have an impact on the health of the person. The major cause of hormonal balance is due to consumption of fast food in significant quantities. Fast food contains excess cholesterol and artificial sugar. Too much-saturated fats and bad cholesterol can affect the hormonal balance resulting in poor functioning of the brain.

Hence, doctors and medical experts have proved that consuming too much fast-food results in poor sex life, lack of creativity, mental disbalance and unstable mental space.


Another reason for hormonal balance for which you cannot blame anyone but only have to endure is genetics or hereditary. If in your family any person who is directly from your bloodline has been a patient of any hormone-related problem. Then it is very much likely that after attaining a certain age you would also become one such patient. But this hormonal disorder may not be that severe because you are second in the pipeline. Get the help of the doctor from the initial stages so that you need not take super P force pills.


Even getting too much stress can cause hormonal turbulence in the body. For example, when we are stressed the stress-related hormone cortisone is released. Dopamine, the hormone that influences the mood is lowered due to which we feel sad and depressed. In situations where the person is stressed for a long time, the dopamine levels may remain low for a very long duration. This can induce extreme depression, insomnia and poor metabolism.


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