What is the Monoprice 110010?


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Monoprice 110010 Noise Canceling headphones well-designed. The headphones are primarily dark gray with black accents on their cushioning, headband, and ear cups. Monoprice branding is discreetly placed on the back of the oval earcup. The rubberized top makes them look more elegant.


Although there are a few minor imperfections in button layout and operation, they are generally good. There is a straightforward noise canceling switch on the ear cups. All the controls on the bundled cable’s inline control will be found, including volume and call/music buttons. However, the inline controls lack tactile input and are very flat.

  • OS Compatibility- Not OS specific
  • Talk-Through- No
  • Additional Buttons-
  • Volume Control – Yes
  • Microphone Control – No
  • Channel Mixing- N/A
  • Easy Use – Mediocre
  • Feedback- Mediocre
  • Call/Music Control – Yes
  • Noise Canceling Control- N


These headphones provide a moderate level of comfort. The headband is flexible and doesn’t exert too much pressure. Ear cups are lightweight and adjustable. They are well padded for comfort. The ear cups are too small, and the headband isn’t very well padded. This design is unsuitable for wearing over the ears and may cause discomfort during prolonged listening sessions.


These headphones are stable enough to be worn daily, but they will slip off your head quickly while jogging. They are not lightweight, and the headband isn’t wide enough to prevent them from slipping while you exercise. They are not ideal for use in the gym. However, they can be unplugged if the cable is caught on something. Do not pull your headphones from your head.


Monoprice NC headphones medium-sized over-ear headphones. The ear cups can be fold flat and turned to make them portable. However, they cannot be folded into a smaller size, making them too bulky for some people.

  • L- 7.48”
  • W- 7.09”
  • H- 1.77”
  • Volume- 93.93 in3
  • Transmitter Required- N/A

Build Quality

Monoprice NC is of average construction quality. The entire construction is reinforced by the aluminum frame that holds the rubberized headband. The headband creaks when stressed, and the metal frame is fragile. Also, the joints are made of flimsy plastic. Poor-feeling materials used in the construction of the earcups reduce their quality.


Monoprice 110010 has a sturdy case that protects the headphones from drops, dents, and water damage. It does add weight, so be sure to have a bag for transport.

  • Type-Hard case
  • L- 8.46”
  • W- 7.87”
  • H- 1.97”
  • Volume- 131.13 in3


Monoprice Noise Canceling can be use continuously for up to 48 hours with an average volume. These headphones are fabulous for long and road trips, as you don’t have to change the AAA battery often. These headphones do not have battery-saving features such as an auto-off or a timer. However, they can still play audio for a long time even if the battery is completely deplete.

Pros and Cons of Monoprice 110010


  • High-quality audio reproduction in the bass and midrange.
  • Design of buttons that are simple and effective.


  • Noisy headband
  • Over-ear style with tiny ear cups.

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