Who or what is CBC?


Cannabinoids, particularly the two most well-known ones, THC and CBD, have probably been discussed. It’s doubtful that you have ever heard of cannabichromene or CBC, even though you may have used CBG.

What is cannabichromene?

One of the “big six” cannabinoids being studied in medicine was discovered more than 50 years ago and is called CBC. Even while CBC doesn’t receive as much attention, its results are positive.

The history of CBC is similar to that of THC and CBD. They are all derived from cannabigerol acid (CBGa). Tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCa), cannabidiol acid (CBDa), & cannabichromene acid, three other important cannabinoids produced by cannabis plants, are all precursors to CBGa (CBC). Cannabinoids with an acidic tail are known as acidic cannabinoids. Heat transforms the molecules into THC, CBD, and CBC. Effects of CBC and where to buy CBC.

Advantages of CBC Oil

Although CBC has certain benefits on its alone, researchers believe that when mixed with other cannabinoids, CBC has a good entourage effect. It is commonly established that the effects of CBD and THC work synergistically, but it is less clear how additional cannabinoids affect the entourage effect. However, CBC’s alleged benefits have a significant impact. Therefore, what use does CBC oil serve?


Because of how it interacts with the body’s naturally existing endocannabinoid anandamide, CBC might be beneficial. The mood-lifting and fear-reduction properties of anandamide are its most salient advantages. CBC seems to limit anandamide absorption, extending its half-life in the blood and boosting mood.

A more striking illustration of the entourage effect is the interaction of CBC, THC, and CBD.

To ascertain whether CBC has an entourage effect whether used alone or in conjunction with other cannabinoids, more research is necessary. Although there are now few products available to cannabis patients, as more study is done and cannabis regulations change, scientists should be able to pinpoint the specific benefits of each cannabinoid.


CBC extraction uses cannabichromene-rich hemp rather than CBD hemp, similar to CBD extraction. First, CO2 is used to extract raw hemp oil from plant material. After that, it is winterized and decarboxylated (heated to dissolve the carbon tail of the molecule) (removed from undesired plant debris). Since it is more difficult to extract CBC from hemp since it contains significantly less of it than CBD, most cannabichromene formulations nevertheless contain a significant amount of CBD.

Cannabichromene does not chemically crystallize into a powdery isolate like CBG, CBN, and CBD do. The extract is most concentrated in its CBC distillate form, though.

Since each cannabinoid has a different boiling point, the distiller can use vacuum heat and separate cannabinoids and extract a distillate. Cannabichromene distillate is the closest thing to pure CBC oil, yet it contains hardly any other cannabinoids at all.

Adding CBC Cannabinoids to Your Regimen

When starting a plant-based wellness program, it’s important to experiment with new meals and pay close attention to your body at each stage. Even though CBD could work well on its own, you might find that combining it with other cannabinoids, such as CBC, yields even better results.

If you have tried a range of things without success, our staff of internal specialists is available and ready to answer any questions. Whether you are just getting started and would like to know what to expect or are a CBD expert seeking to optimize your routine, we are here to help.


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