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New Metro City Gujar Khan is a contemporary and brilliant housing project. The housing society brings luxury and affordability like no other. In addition, the housing society provides every facility there is to offer. Moreover, it is close to major areas of Gujar khan due to its prime location. Therefore, all these features make this society an excellent investment spot. 

Why invest in New Metro City Gujar Khan? 

The housing society is the perfect place for families and investors. The amenities and facilities here are advanced and affordable. It provides various facilities like shopping malls and stores, up-to-date infrastructure, 24/7 security etc. It also provides a simple payment plan and will soon receive its NOC. Moreover, many other factors will help you decide whether to invest in New Metro City Gujar Khan. 

Reliable developer

The developers of this project are BSM developers. The company is a master at their work. They have created luxurious projects with top-quality architecture, such as Gwadar Golf City and New Metro City Sarai Alamgir. They aim to develop societies that offer luxury and comfort like never before. For this society, they have created a master plan that is modern and advanced. Their years of experience and expertise deliver the best quality housing societies.  They value investors’ concerns; Therefore, their housing societies always have features that attract investors’ interest. 


Location is a primary factor and is considered crucial in real estate. Hence, the developers of this project settled for a site that is convenient and suitable for all. The location of the society is the main GT road, Gujar khan. Furthermore, the community is only twenty minutes away from DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town and Jhelum. It is also only twenty-five minutes away from main Islamabad city.

Moreover, the society is only under ten minutes away from different areas such as Sukho road, Gulyana road, and Gujar Khan- Bewal road. At the same time, it is only fifteen minutes away from Sohawa city and Mandra- Chakwal Road. In short, easy accessibility to all these areas makes it a desirable location for investors. 


The biggest concern for local and foreign investors is security. Therefore, metro city Gujar khan provides top-notch security so residents can feel at peace.  The housing society is a vast gated community and has boundary walls similar to Lahore Smart City. In addition, it offers 24/7 security and top-quality security surveillance with well-trained staff. 

Top-class facilities 

Its facilities make the new metro city Gujar Khan stand out from the rest of the societies. It offers necessities 24/7 like water, gas and electricity. Apart from these, it provides nonstop underground electricity, a filtered water supply and a sewage system. 

In addition, the housing society also has mosques, hospitals, gyms, shopping malls, theme parks, restaurants and internal brands. The housing society does not compromise on quality and focuses on providing an eco-friendly and healthy environment. Hence, all these facilities make New Metro City Gujar Khan a perfect place for families to live and investors to invest. 

Payment Plan

The housing society has issued its payment plan. It is now offering the payment plan for residential plot 1. With increasing prices in real estate, houses have just become a dream for low-income folks. Despite the high rates, the housing society offers all plots at reasonable rates with top-class facilities. 

The housing society introduced its easy payment plan that allows you took book your property with minimal advance and monthly instalments. Moreover, the society has released its residential plots list, which comes in the following sizes: 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. Their monthly instalments plan is of 24 months. Thus, making it even easier for investors to buy their dream plot. Furthermore, at the time of balloting, 18% of the entire cost of the property has to be made. 


The project’s founder is none other than Bilal Malik, the grandson of Malik Riaz, who comes from a family of real estate moguls. Having the experience of building Gwadar Golf City, their history of creating top-class housing societies is no secret. Similarly, we expect the same from New Metro City Gujar Khan. It is a tremendous and distinctive project that offers affordability like no other. 

The project promises you elite facilities that will improve the quality of life of the people of Gujar Khan and the rest of Pakistan. The housing society offers proper 24/7 security, a family-friendly environment and essential and advanced facilities. One of the perks of this housing society is the easy monthly payment plan. Their payment plan makes plots look more attractive to investors. Besides that, the location of the housing society is simply ideal. Prime areas like Islamabad, DHA Islamabad and Bahria town are only twenty-five minutes’ drive away. 

Hence, all these features and benefits make this housing society an excellent place to invest your money. 

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